Friday Treat

It’s Friday! I know Tina has Cookie Friday and I’ve been having a Friday treat too! I can’t decide what it will be yet. But, I know it will start with a DD iced coffee!

Run = 5 miles, slow with a few walk breaks on the hills. Damn hills…

A breakfast in parts…I need to eat within 30 minutes of running (or that’s the goal, that I don’t always accomplish) so I ate a yogurt at home before going to work. Once at work I’m gonna toast up the bagel, add that cream cheese and get an iced coffee from DD 🙂 That’s my Friday morning treat!DSCN1063

DSCN1066I made my list of foods I like…it’s long! Most of them ended up being foods I don’t “allow” myself to eat without guilt, restrictions or consequences. I’m going to start crossing them off my list in a manner that I am comfortable with. I keep saying it, but it’s true – Progress not Perfection! That’s the goal.

Are you following along with the Intuitive Eating Challenge? Do you have a Forbidden Foods list? What’s on it?


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  1. I made a list like that awhile ago and I ended up laughing my face off at some of the items on there–things like bread and diet soda for pete’s sake! Not that food restriction or fear is a laughing matter, but more just finding it humorous that some were so NORMAL, and I am so screwed up! 🙂 Also on my list: doughnuts, non-measured foods like ice cream, cereal, chips or cookies, french fries and fat in almost any shape or form. Yikes.

    One idea that my RD suggested was to choose one fear food and incorporate it into every single day for a week, or in every single meal for a day (example: Fear food = bread. Have a piece of bread at breakfast, lunch and dinner). The idea is that as soon as you know you will be having this food again in the very near future, it loses it’s fear factor and the temptation to binge is lessened because you know you can have another doughnut or whatever tomorrow, and the next day and the next. After eating bread for a few days, I was like dang, this is totally normal and I can eat this whenever I want like a normal person!

    At the same time, the food has been factored into your meal plan for the day, so it’s not as if you’re eating excessively, even if it is a treat type of food. Wow, sorry this is kind of a long comment. I feel like I comment quite a bit on your blog, so hopefully it doesn’t bug ya. I just really relate to much of the material that you put out there, and appreciate the challenges you set for yourself. Have a great day and a happy Friday (especially the treat!). xoxo

  2. some of my forbidden foods are most types of pasta (ie spaghetti) or lasagna- i know this goes back to my eating disorder days, but for some reason i just can’t shake it… i know there are lots of healthy versions of these dishes, but every time i eat them i am always scrabbling in my head to figure out the nutrition in them- and its just not worth it!

  3. I’m so glad there are others that feel cereal is forbidden. It is one of the things I can’t help but eat massive portions of it! I also feel that way about cookies, cupcakes, and icecream!

  4. I used to have a lot of forbidden foods. Now I don’t, but I do have certain foods that I don’t keep around the house. Things like baked goods and ice cream are difficult for me to have around and not overeat. Usually I like to go out for ice cream or for a decadent brownie. I’ll bring one home, instead of having a plateful, hot out of the oven.

    My list of foods that I couldn’t keep in the house used to be very long. Now I am down to those 2 things. I have peanut butter and cereal and chocolate in the house, and I can eat reasonable portions as treats. But for right now, the brownies, cookies and ice cream stay out of the house, unless I buy them specifically for my husband. (Strangely, I am able to resist those things when I buy them just for him.) I hope one day that I can bake wonderful, delicious things without devouring them. But for now, this is my strategy.

    I think you’re doing a great job 🙂

  5. I don’t like to think of any food as forbidden. I just know what foods I tend to go crazy on and try to be mindful of my portion size if I decide to indulge in that food. Some of my favorite’s are vanilla frosting, cookie dough cheesecake, mac and cheese, french fries, and blue cheese dressing. I can put blue cheese dressing on anything and can be rather disgusting to watch. I don’t keep these foods in the house and only indulge in them at a restaurant or a friends house where I’ll only be served a small portion.

  6. Emily – I love the incorporating it into every meal. It does take the “edge” off when you know it’s part of your daily.

  7. My fear food is anything from a restaraunt/sub shop/ice cream shop/bakery that I don’t know the NI.

  8. So lovely to hear all this hope! I spent years with almost nothing in the house for fear that I would eat it all. Today, I have cookies, ice cream, chocolate, chips and cinnamon rolls in the house (partly because I’m recipe testing for my vegan bakery) and I can honestly say it is not calling me. I work treats into my meals as I want them (yes, sometimes I question the balance of my meals, but the freedom feels SO good).

    The feeling of self love and trust that I enjoy is nothing short of miraculous. This is coming from a former anorexic/bulimic/compulsive exerciser, dieter and overeater.

    It is an honor to witness your journey!

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