Day with the Fam

I ditched work today to hang out with my family. I was kinda having a breakdown about them last night and really needed the extra time together for my sanity.

We just bummed around and it was great! They are leaving super early tomorrow morning and I won’t see them again until October. There may be tears and I’m not a crier.

First we hung around and watched random daytime TV like Regis and Kelly. I snacked on a lot of grapes and trail mix.


Then, we went to the Nut House. Actually it was Ann’s House of Nuts πŸ™‚ I partook in many samples. It’s getting to the point where I walked into Food Lion the other day and thought, “It sucks that they never have samples here!” I am a sample addict.


We stopped at DD so my mom could try the iced coffee. They don’t have DD in CA. I got the BIG ONE. Matt took this pic of me. DSCN0993

Since I snacked my way through lunch with samples and trail mix I wasn’t too hungry, but around 2pm I thought I should eat something on a plate…random.DSCN0995

Dessert was a chocolate covered banana from the Nut House.DSCN0997

Oh, and I just found this pic of an open faced PB&J.I guess I ate that too πŸ™‚DSCN1000

Time got away from us and around 7pm I realized I didn’t have time to make my planned dinner. Ben wanted Thai food and I had half that and half my Couscous and Chickpea salad.DSCN1005

DSCN0862I am so sad about my Mom and Matt leaving. Do you guys live far away from your family? How do you deal with it? My little heart hurts 😦

Also, thanks for the great response to the “hunger question”! I’m going through all the comments and emails and will post about it tomorrow!


8 Responses

  1. I’m a sample addict too! I get bummed when my whole foods has the same cheese sample two weeks in a row.

    I live close to my family. Very close. Too close. I live in the apartment in my parents basement. Awsome, no?

  2. I live far from family. . . VA to S. FL. I talked about it on my blog a few days ago. Anywho- Facebook and blogging about my life has helped as family can read about our lives here in FL. While they don’t comment all the time they always call or email! Also we talk almost every day. It’s rough though as the internets aren’t the same as face to face time. I’ll be listening in for ideas too! Hang in there chica- family is the best.

  3. Think of it as distance makes the heart grow fonder.. You’ll have a different perception if u live with ur family all the time.. Serious.. And when you don’t see them at all.. That’s when you really miss them..and i feel that we tend to treat them better compared to living close to them..
    Just my 2 cents worth. πŸ™‚

  4. My family lives 4 hours away…and that is the closest relatives! It is hard to be away. We text a lot and I try to drive back when I can.

  5. We did the West Coast / East Coast distance for a while and it wasn’t so bad with visits a couple times a year. Now we live on another continent and we are on Skype constantly and I know they read my blog. I love them, but the distance isn’t always a bad thing.

    I get by with care packages full of DD coffee beans! That was also one of the things I missed most about living in CA.

  6. My husband and I live in NYC and our parents/siblings live in Southern Cali and Seattle. It’s been 4+ years and it sucks, I’m not going to lie. We’re going to move back west some day – at least when we start a family! Hang in there and try to plan a few visits a year, it makes it much more human.

  7. I live 45 minutes away from my mom, who I am very close to. Even though it’s not too far, I never lived on my own before I got married. Is it terrible to say that I miss living close to my mom?

  8. Hi Monica…I just started reading your blog, and I think it’s great. I live far from my family too…we live in NYC and my family is in North Carolina. It’s definitely hard, but we try to visit a few times a year and my family comes up to NYC a few times as well. We also spend a lot of time chatting on the phone.

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