The Morning Train…

I took the morning train again today. I love that song “My baby takes the morning train…”  I heard it for the first time in the supermarket one time last year and sing it randomly ever since. Ha. Now that I actually took the morning train I keep singing it again! I just realized this song is from the 70’s or something! Check out the video, if you want to hear the song…

I was in a super rush this morning since the conference started earlier than yesterday. But, I ended up getting off the subway with 30 minutes to spare so, when the shuttle to the hotel wasn’t there I decided to take my “Chevro-legs”.  It was under a mile away, so no biggie, but I may have arrived sweatier than when I started.

I once again am a drinking machine. Today my beverage of choice was an iced coffee with one sugar packet, because I figure one real sugar is better than one “fakie”. Don’t ask me why they put it in a “hot” cup.DSCN0677

I packed my lunch because I figured I would go out to dinner with the fam. I had a baggie of cherries and a hummus and cheese sandwich. I am hoping the added protein/fat from the cheese would prevent night-time eating later on. And I got a chocolate from the conference 🙂DSCN0679


I met up with the fam after their Air and Space Museum adventure. They were hitting up the food court and I was hungry. So, I had apples (no dip). Seriously, I think this is like 1/4 of an apple. It was nothing to help my hunger.DSCN0687

But, after the tragic 1/4 of an apple I got a dipped ice cream cone.DSCN0689

I wish I knew the calories in it, but I do like that they give you to nutrition info for other stuff.DSCN0690

For dinner we went to DSCN0691

We started with edamame and unagi rolls.DSCN0694


I got some noodle dish with shrimp for dinner. It was spicy, just like I like it! I made sure to leave some, but I also tried some of the fam’s food.DSCN0704

Then, Ben wanted dessert! I am usually the dessert pusher around here, but I was way too full. He ordered the Thai Tiramisu.DSCN0707

And my Mom and Matt got a ginger Cheesecake. I had a couple bites of both. Since I was already full this put me over the edge and now I feel like crap. Just like I’m currently unable to read my hunger signals, I don’t know my fullness signals either. Obviously, this was too much and I will use it as a learning experience of how NOT to read fullness.DSCN0708

After dinner we went to the Lincoln Memorial. My mom and Matt are obviously on CA time and on vacation so they’re keeping me up past my bedtime. I need to get some sleep now!DSCN0712

Ben’s Quote of the Day:
My Mom: “Have you been to the Holocaust Museum?”

Ben: “It’s like getting punched in the nuts of your heart.”

Monica’s Random Info for the day:

I read that you can get a STD from a bikini wax! WTF. Be careful where you take your vagine (that’s not a typo)! I’m just saying…


4 Responses

  1. Dinner looks amazing. Glad you are having fun with the fam!

  2. OMG – i haven’t had a dipped cone in ages – but now you have me totally craving one! the ice cream place by my house always had a creepy looking strawberry flavor. it looks so wrong, but tastes so good!

  3. i take the train every day to work. i never thought about this song until you mentioned it. i will probably be singing it a lot more often!

  4. Thai Tiramisu? Sounds like one incredibly yummy contradiction

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