Cross Training and Pills

Thursdays and Sundays are my Rest Days, but I still like to do some kind of cross training on these days. My favorite cross training is Yoga, followed by biking and walking 🙂 But, today I did 40 minutes on the elliptical. I am also going to start strength training 3 days a week. I woke up late, so today I’ll do it after work.

I heart oats ❤ I had oatmeal for breakfast today since my bananas are so ripe and perfect for creamy oats! I topped it with almond butter…DSCN0729

Look at the heart my almond butter made on my oats!DSCN0728

I take a multi-vitamin, glucosamine and a calcium chew most mornings. I figure that I ask my body to do so much running I need to give it a little something extra through these supplements. Do you guys rememeber your vitamins everyday???DSCN0719Happy Thursday…almost to the weekend!!!

I’m putting together a training program that incorporates Disney and MCM so I will be back with that soon 🙂

Health, Running and Food News…

Paula Radcliffe, the current female world record holder for the marathon is running the NY Half Marathon this weekend.


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  1. Hi Monica!
    Love your blog by the way!! 🙂
    I take so many vitamins/pills that I have an old person pill case (morning, lunch, dinner and bedtime). Fun stuff! Did you know that your body can only absorb 500mg of calcium at a time? So I take my calcium supplement with dinner and my multi-vitamin with lunch to split them up. Please keep us posted on how your strength training 3 days a week works for you. I shoot for three, but most times only get in 2. I like to run too much!!

  2. It’s great that you take all of your vitamins! However, your body can only absorb so much of any nutrient at a time. Try taking them at different points through the day, say your multi with breakfast, calcium with lunch, and glucosamine with dinner. That way you’re be getting the full benefits of your supplements. And take them after you eat because you’ll absorb more on a full stomache.

  3. I love doing yoga on “rest day”. I never really have a completely rest day where I just sit around, I totally believe in active rest days. Do you feel yoga has helped you running wise?
    I usually take some joint vitamin for my knees and a calcium pill, I’m thinking of getting some iron vitamins because it’s hard for women to get enough iron unless you are eating a lot of read meat.

  4. I’m always quite jealous of folks who are good about taking their vitamins. I’ve tried putting them on my desk at work where I usually eat breakfast and lunch but I usually only take calcium. I take viactiv too 🙂 which flavor do you take? Have you tried adora? I’ve been wondering how the flavors differ.

  5. I usually have to do some amount of cross training because I just can’t sit still (unless I’m wiped out like last night). But I love yoga and the ellipitcal. I bike occassionally when I can get out to the trails because my neighborhood isn’t the greatest for bicycles.

    BTW strength training is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. After my surgery I was told I would need to do it to keep my back in good shape and to prevent surgery sooner. I am addicted now and love how strong I feel. It actually helps me to run faster because I’m stronger.

    I take my vitamins at night before bed. Sometimes they upset my stomach so when I’m sleeping I don’t have that problem. I take a multi and fish oil. They really seem to help.

  6. Love the PB heart 🙂

  7. i’m guilty :s i don’t ever take vitamins i’m afraid. i just figure i eat enough fruit and veggies and milk products to get in everything i need…?

  8. nice oats! i am doing better at remembering my vitamins and supps.

  9. i’ll be running the NYC half!!! i hope i spot paula 🙂

    great idea w/ strength training, 3x/wk is always my goal, but i so rarely get there when i’m running more 😦 if you figure out a great way, let me know!

  10. I always strive to take pills, but it’s really hit and miss. I should be taking more, but I think I eat pretty healthy the majority of the time, so that’s a good step! 🙂


  11. I should be taking vitamins most likely, but I really try to eat healthy most of the time. I definitely should get a calcium supp though.

  12. Ohmygosh, you’re training for TWO upcoming marathons? That’s awesome!!

    I currently take no vitamins or supplements 😦 They’re so expensive, I can’t bring myself to it. It’s probably worth it though, I need to get on that!

    Oh, and that almond butter heart? Adorable!

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