4 Weeks Until Belize!

Ben and I had to postpone our honeymoon because of the big move and all, which I was super bummed about at the time 😦 But that means I am going to Belize in 4 weeks!!! I am so excited, especially because the wedding, move in CA, new job, roadtrip across the US and everything has made our lives pretty stressful for the last 2 months. We need a break.

So, the countdown has begun. Since I’m going on this beach vacation in 4 weeks I think I should announce my Four Weeks Till Belize Diet:

1. Listen to my hunger signals! = Listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry

2. Listen to my fullness signals! = Stop eating when I’m full, before I’m overly full

3. Eat healthy, satisfying foods that make me feel good 🙂

4. Continue to run 🙂

Oh wait, that plan sounds exactly like the Intuitive Eating I’ve been working on. Ha, fooled ya. But, I am going to try very hard and focus on IE for the next 28 days. I am also going to try to walk home every day. I was going to look into taking the bus, but I’m going to let that wait until after Belize. Some extra walking couldn’t hurt right?

Lunch today started out to just be a big plate of fruit…DSCN0601

But, then I realized that I keep eating massive amounts of fruit and can’t stop. Maybe I can’t stop because it’s not giving my body everything it needs! So, I also made a hummus sammie, pickle and chips.DSCN0606

I also stole Ben’s leftover TCBY from the other day. You can’t leave ice cream in my house unless you want me to eat it.DSCN0608

I finally cleaned a lot of the apartment, but my closet is still a pile of clothes because I don’t have a dresser and you can’t exactly hang up 54 sports bras, 32 pairs of running shorts and 21 shirt. Well, you can but it seems kinda dumb.

Ben and I went for an evening stroll and before we knew it, it was after 8pm! Hello, my bedtime is supposed to be 9pm! So, we quickly ordered Chinese take-out to go and brought it back home to devour. I got the vegetarian “chicken” and eggplant in garlic sauce. This place doesn’t have brown rice 😦 Boo to that. DSCN0614

I also had a fortune cookie 🙂

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:
In honor of the Chinese food I will tell you what happened the first time Ben and I went out to a Chinese food place. When it came time for our fortune cookies Ben took his out of the wrapper and PUT THE WHOLE THING IN HIS MOUTH AND ATE IT! He ate the fortune. He said he wasn’t going to let anyone tell him his future. I thought it was super weird, but I ended up marrying him so I guess the jokes on me…DSCN0612

DSCN0604We have a massive amount of bananas right now…I better freeze some of these babies!

Only 28 days until my Honeymoon in Belize!!!


5 Responses

  1. belize!!!! i cannot wait to see your recap. i am planning to go in december. i love your 4 week goals~i plan to do the same things before my trip to seattle. that fruit plate looks loveeely. mm.

  2. Awesome! Have a great time in Belize! I have been traveling every weekend this summer and have found that I eat less when I’m traveling, yet still able to enjoy all the great foods. I just make sure to stay really active and since I’m not in my own house, I don’t have access to random snacks just laying around, so I am only able to eat 3 satisfying meals a day.

  3. I’m so jealous! Belize sounds fab!

  4. i think you have a great plan, i can imagine you are a little stressed but you have something so wonderful to look forward to

  5. belize! sounds wonderful!

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