Long Walk Home

I have walked home after work every day this week. I’m very proud of myself because that’s an extra 3 miles of walking 5 days in a row! It takes me an hour though, so that is kind of a bummer…it’s a long road home!

I change out of my work clothes and into walking clothes in the restroom. Today I was barefoot on the bathroom floor and thought to myself, “I hope I don’t get foot herpes!” By “foot herpes” I mean athlete’s foot.

Before the long walk home I ate many meals and snack at my desk…

DSCN0541I managed to avoid the donuts and snacked on my cherries instead.

DSCN0559Lunch was vegetable soup I got from Trader Joes – it is not good! It tasted like weak V-8 and I don’t like V-8. I considered going out to buy something, but since I had a lot of other goodies to eat with it I figured i should eat it.DSCN0543

Part II of lunch was this Greek yogurt and cereal. I have decided I don’t really like flavored yogurts except for the occaisonal strawberry.DSCN0545

My afternoon snack was trail mix…nothing exciting.DSCN0547

When I got home I ate the rest of our cherries. I ate 6 pounds of these this week. No pic.

Ben and I considered going out for dinner, but I really wanted the pita pizzas we had planned! Plus, staying in for dinner means we can go out for dessert 😉DSCN0550

We had a coupon for TCBY – buy one get one free. We had to get a medium or bigger for the coupon – which is fine with me! I got half tart (I love it and miss this from CA) and half chocolate topped with Reese’s PB Cups. DSCN0553But, the topping didn’t go with the tart so I gave Ben that part and then added granola and trail mix to the tart at home 🙂DSCN0556

Tomorrow I have a running date…you’ll have to stop in Saturday to see who I met up with!!!


5 Responses

  1. I like staying in for dinner to enjoy dessert out. I’d much rather get some Frozen yogurt or a milk shake than a salad or something semi healthy at a restaurant.

    BTW good job walking home. I used to love to do this when I lived close enough to do so. Now I try to walk to and from the gym.

  2. LMAO~food herpes. that is what athletes foot will now forever be known as! nice job on hoofing it. that’s great!

  3. you are so brave for risking foot herpes. and i think it’s awesome that you walk home from work so much!

  4. I am with you on not liking flavored yogurts as much as either. I think the only flavor I’ve really enjoyed was Chobani’s peach which surpised me b/c I usually HATE peach flavors.

  5. I love tcby! except they don’t really have it here in so cal! there are way too many pink berries here instead boo

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