Donut Day

Today is Donut Day at work. Every Friday one guy brings in Donuts and they just sit there in the kitchen for me to see (and smell) every time I refill my water bottle or go get food (which equals about 314 times a day!). I am actually not feeling donuts today, but since I have been craving a cookie I might go get one.

So I left some  room in my breakfast calories for a Friday treat 🙂 This way I can enjoy a goodie guilt free!

After an easy 5 miles this morning I made oatmeal with a banana, almond milk and cinnamon. I also ate a few handfuls of cereal as I was preparing it. I left out the usual nut butter though, so I don’t know how long this is going to keep me full. I have realized that fat with breakfast is the key to staying full for me.DSCN0535As I went to grab my lunch this morning I told Ben, “Look at how much food I take to work…and I wonder why I’m fat.” I was kinda joking with the fat comment, but seriously this is my lunch bag:2009-08-07 07.54.15Question: Do you have Donut Day at work? How do you handle it?

My answer: I don’t think Donuts are the devil, so I figure a donut now and then won’t kill me. I might start making Friday morning breakfasts a little more special with a bagel or muffin or something. This way I am eating what I want and not grabbing a donut just because I feel deprived.


7 Responses

  1. I hate Donut days! We have Bagel day. Every Thursday the PTA brings Bagels to school for us. Bagels do not fill me up AT ALL, especially with how many calories they are. I just don’t go in the room with them. Sometimes I will bring my breakfast to work on those days and eat in my room because, “I don’t want to waste what I brought.” I’ll be listening in for some other ideas!

  2. Can you avoid the kitchen? We don’t have a kitchen, but we do have a “break room.” The only reason I ever have to go in there is if I print something. So I just don’t make a habit of going in there, and I usually avoid whatever is lying on the table.

    Though, if you are craving a donut, and your body wants one once in a while – I’m sure it won’t hurt. Maybe eat 1/4 or half?

  3. Sometimes, It’s very hard at work. People in my office make breakfsat runs. I was getting ready for work this morning and they called me bc they were going to McD’ s before I arrived. They asked me just incase, but I’m still sticking to my breakfast at home & packign amy lunch. I declined on that offer but was tempted. Instead I ate my breakfast cookie I made the night before.

  4. We don’t have specific days which I would prefer, because I could plan for it (either cutting back elsewhere or mentally saying “no”).

    I bring a crapload of food to work too! I have a snack drawer that I keep a couple bars, trail mix, pb and a box of tea bags in but I always bring at least a couple pieces of fruit, usually hummus + crackers/veggies for dipping, my main dish, bread (bread + pb for a snackie) and my green monster to go!

  5. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by my digs today! Always love to meet fellow redheads working on their fitness! 🙂 Will def have to scope you out!

  6. I am okay with donut day, its the bagel day that suckers me in!

    Ha, I had to laugh – your lunch bag is as big as mine!! My family makes fun of me on how much I can stuff in there for an 8 hour work day!

    Happy Friday!

  7. I bring a huge lunch bag to work, too, though sometimes it’s just filled with really big tupperware. We don’t have donut days, but we do have birthdays a few times a month where donuts are brought in. And then there’s the catering a few times a month for meetings … that always does me in. Right now there’s catering in the kitchen and I can’t stay away!

    I’ll definitely have to follow your lead on this intuitive eating … I know it’ll take some work, but I’m sure I’ll be thankful in the end!


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