AB and J All Day

DSCN0460On my run this morning I was planning what to pack for lunch today and all I wanted was a AB&J sandwich. That is no biggie, except what I planned on having for breakfast was Almond Butter toast (with a Green Monster). I kept trying to think up alternative lunches…big salad, cheese and hummus sammie, leftovers…nope. I wanted AB&J so this is a warning that the blog (and my diet) is lacking variety today. It’s not the end of the world.

Marathon training: Since I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon I am super excited about it! But, I am not as dedicated to the MCM race 😦 I need to get my head in the game race. All I want to do right now is focus on training for Disney!

I did 6 miles today. I am used to training on “pancake flat” streets (like the bike path in Long Beach) so the rolling hills here are killing me. I always stop and walk at one point in my 6 mile course.

Happy Tuesday! I’m sad I’m not attending the Healthy Living Summit, but I just couldn’t swing it with the new job.


9 Responses

  1. The hills will only make you stronger!! πŸ™‚ Let me know if you ever want to trek to DC for a long Saturday run and we can explore a portion of the MCM course!

  2. The hills can be a bit much around here at times – though I’m from western PA where the hills are sooo much worse. So I guess this is a break for me? πŸ™‚

  3. Maybe the PB/AB&J craving has something to do with summer? Right now, all I want is PB. Like, on everything, it’s horrible 😦

  4. Nice job on the 6 miles! I’m not going to the summit either, I’m bummed 😦

  5. I feel the same way, now that I’m thinking of doing the Disney marathon, I’m not focused on my other races I have before the Disney. Hills are def my weakness, every time I see a hill, my mind automatically tells me to slow down, even though I’ve seen other people just run right through it.

  6. Sometimes lack of variety makes the SPICE all the better. I heart AB!!!

  7. Oh, you’ll be glad for all of those hills once the marathon rolls around. It’s amazing how much they help in training!

    I’m sad about missing the Healthy Living Summit, too… maybe next year?

  8. maybe you should pick a half marathon in a few months; to add an additional; more short term goal?

    good luck!

  9. I need to sign up for another race to get back into my grove for wanting to train more.

    We’ve all had those days that we just want what we want and that’s it. I had one of those days with Chile Lime Chicken burgers from Trader joes. I had one on my salad at lunch and then had one on an Arnold sandwich thin with a side salad for dinner. Made me happy and I was fine with that. πŸ™‚

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