I’m going to Disney World!!!

Yes folks, I am going to Disney World!

Actually, I am running the Disney World Marathon!

marathon imageI really really have always wanted to run Disney World for a lot of reasons and I keep hearing about it buzzing around the blogs. I knew I couldn’t let this year pass me by! So, on a whim I went for it and signed up. (I had mentioned it to Ben, but we never actually discussed it, which is why I didn’t announce it until I let him know.)

I think we are going to just make a mini-weekend of it so we’re not going to be able to hit all the parks, but I am so excited!

The only bummer is Matt (my little bro) is obsessed with all things Disney and is going to be devastated that he can’t go 😦 I am guilt ridden. Boo.

*Note:  This may be my last full marathon as I think the distance is kinda brutal, training takes over your life and subjects your body to a lot of stress. I love running, but I remember not looking forward to running in the height of my first marathon training. I think the half-mary distance is my fave 🙂

Okay, let’s back up and talk about food…

I packed a bunch of different things for lunch – big salad with hummus, cherries, Food Should Taste Good chippers and yogurt. DSCN0316

You’ll never guess what I had for a snack…okay, you’re right – trail mix.DSCN0318

After work I stopped at TJ’s and Costco for a few staples – I am almost out of Almond Butter = Emergency!!!

I also picked up some kiwis. Trader Joes says 1 serving is 2 kiwi and if Trader Joes says it I am going to go with it. DSCN0326

Dinner was leftover Peanut Noodles.DSCN0324

Dessert was some random things like apricots and handfuls of cereal. DSCN0328

Now I have some work to wrap up before I fall asleep…

Wait, I can’t because my phone is breaking…it’s been doing this on and off all day. I ordered a new (fancy!) phone and it should be arriving any day now!!!DSCN0330


11 Responses

  1. AHHH i am wicked jealous! doing disney is on my must-do-before-i-die list, if such a list were to exist. hope your phone makes it through the night!

  2. It’s 70% full…do it do it.

  3. Awesome! I was talking to someone the other day about Disney – I think he was doing the Goofy something…where you do the half and then the full? He said the full marathon course is pretty awesome and the spectators are great. I want to say he even noticed Disney characters cheering 🙂

  4. Sounds fun! I’ve been looking into that race or the Goofy Challenge which is a full marathon on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday, but not sure if my wallet can afford a FL trip right now! Have an awesome time

  5. Woop woop!! I am massively jealous. That is one of my dream marathons to run!!

  6. Yay! A lot of other bloggers are running the full, and I’m running the half. We should have a meetup!

  7. hahaha congrats! you’ve got the same sign-up bug that i do.. you just go for it! lol. why can’t your bro go?? maybe you can surprise him and figure out how he can go too??

  8. YAY!!!! CONGRATS! So happy you are running that (and a little jealous too – I feel like I’m the only blogger not doing it now!) 🙂

  9. That’s exciting! What a great marathon to end with. I LOVE Disney and it will be nice to have plenty of company running it with you!

  10. good luck with training for it! I’m training for my first marathon right now and I wish it would be as nice as this one; what a cool setting!!!

  11. […] training: Since I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon I am super excited about it! But, I am not as dedicated to the MCM race I need to get my head in […]

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