Marriage confirmation & my Mexican Family

Facebook sent me this email…I thought it was funny:

Benjamin said on Facebook that you two are married.  We need you to confirm that you are, in fact, married to Benjamin.

Well, I confirmed it with Facebook, so it must be true!

Tonight we watched our wedding video. It was very  nice to be able to watch it since it happened so fast on the wedding day I don’t feel like I got to really enjoy it 🙂 It was very funny too. One of Ben’s friends told me only at a Mexican wedding would the Father of the Bride’s day get heckled during his speech. I wish I could show you guys a clip of it. It’s hilarious. It started with a “take it off…take it off” chant. At the end my cousin screamed “Go Raiders!” and it just went from there. I love my Mexican family 🙂 I miss them so much!!!DSCN0080**Note that we still have no furniture and are using our cooler (Thanks T-Sanch) as a table/chair/TV stand…

I know a few of my readers are big wedding fans in general, so here is a link to my pics if you care. Go under  Proofing. My pics are the second, third and fourth boxes from the left.

My first day of work went well. I wrote a story that needed a lot of work, but luckily my boss is working with me to improve and become a strong reporter!

I brought a big salad for lunch topped with hummus. Messy and delicious.DSCN0054

I also had yogurt with cereal. I was trying to stay away from dairy, but I think I’m filling up with too many empty calories and never get full.DSCN0058

My afternoon snackage was watermelon and pb&j on a sandwich thin.DSCN0060

I made Ben a fancy dinner in the crockpot – pot roast. I rarely cook meat for him so he was super happy. I found all these pics on my camera right now…DSCN0067

DSCN0066I took this one…he managed to set the table and light a candle, but didn’t put on a shirt. That’s my husband folks. Ben’s random comment of the day: (When he saw that I made pot roast) “Now I know you really love me”DSCN0073

This is my dinner – I made a salmon patty with canned salmon, egg, ww flour and some spices. I put it on ww couscous (I love couscous) and topped it with a yogurt sauce.DSCN0070DSCN0072

I ended up not liking the sauce and replacing it with Tapatio.DSCN0074

Dessert was watermelon while cleaning up and dark chocolate for happiness 🙂DSCN0075


6 Responses

  1. How was the salmon patty itself? I’d be curious what all you used, I just bought a big thing of canned salmon at Costco and am trying to figure out what to do with it all. LOL

  2. Your salmon patty looks yummy – I think I might give that a try, too.

    Glad your first day at work went well 🙂

  3. yay for being facebook official! that salmon dinner looks good, how’d you prepare it?

  4. Well, Facebook is the final word, right?! =)

    OH! Your pictures turned out so great, are you happy with them?? I love your dress too!

  5. That salmon patty sounds really good, good idea. I always have something different for dinner than what I prepare for my hubby…glad I’m not the only one.

  6. I remember getting that Facebook e-mail and asking my husband, “What happens if I say no?”

    Your pictures are BE-A-U-TIFUL! Welcome to married life!

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