Roadtrip: Wyoming & South Dakota

Goodbye Wyoming…DSCN0076

IMG_0699After driving away from Yellowstone it was nothing but open land for hours. When we finally came to a small town – Cody, WY we stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. It was actually pretty busy since the signs around town informed us that there was a big rodeo going on and people were excited.IMG_0692

I was surprised to find really good salsa in Wyoming. Nice job folks!IMG_0688I ordered veggie enchiladas and beans for protein. It was good, but the salsa was the highlight of the meal.


A few hours later we found ourselves in Greybull,WY for the night. The next morning I went for a 4 mile run. Finally a good run! I am really getting set back on my Mary training and am worried that it will be hard to build back up in time 😦

A few hours later we were in South Dakota. One of our gas/bathroom stops brought us to a gas station that has a bunch of animals that have been killed and stuffed for your viewing pleasure (I am being sarcastic).DSCN0081

It was very weird, just a room off the snack shop full of dead, preserved animals of all kinds. I don’t see the point of killing animals for this purpose, but I can hope they died of natural causes and donated  their bodies to science?DSCN0079

Mount Rushmore!DSCN0098

We made it to Mount Rushmore around 6pm (it was a l-o-n-g day of driving). Someone told me that it was kind of dumb so I wasn’t expecting much. Well, my low expectations really worked out for me because I ended up loving it! I thought it was really cool.DSCN0101

I even got a little too excited and tried to put the moves on George Washington…(Ben loves taking pics like this).IMG_0704

After the Rush we drove to Wall,SD and checked out another tourist trap site – Wall Drugs. DSCN0102DSCN0103

We ate dinner at Cactus Café. I got the salad bar that was basically full of mayonnaise covered everything. They had potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad and pea salad – all of them swimming in mayo. And the minestrone had ham in it. Really? I didn’t have much to work with so I just chalked it up to a travel bind and didn’t worry about it. But it’s a “salad bar” so it was healthy right? Rrrright.DSCN0104

I also couldn’t turn down one of Ben’s potato skins. I have eaten a ton of French fries on this trip. Every once in a while I think that’s fine, but I am not living in moderation.DSCN0109

Just Married! Did I mention we got a ticket right before Yellowstone? Well, I stopped at the store and bought shoe polish to write this on the car. If we get a ticket with this on the car there is no hope for love in this country…DSCN0068

We are on our way to the next stop now. Hope all is well with you guys…see you later!


2 Responses

  1. Good idea! They can’t pull over two people who are in love!

  2. I love the Just Married idea, we had it on our car on the way to the airport and wondered how fast we could go and still get away with it.

    Ha, my little cousin lives in Cody, WY. I haven’t been out to see her yet but I hear that town is a bit touristy. If there was a pregnant woman puking in the bathroom at that restaurant – that was her. She’s thrown up in just about every bathroom in that town due to morning sickness.

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