So Salty

I made it to Salt Lake City! I am always sad to leave Las Vegas 😦 and this time was even harder because I had to tell my bro bye. Boo.

We almost ran out of gas about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas so we had to turn off the AC. It was about 105 degrees and Ben and I had indulged in many beverages the night before. Let’s just say it was rough.

It’s so weird to see so many areas that are completely undeveloped. It was just miles and miles of desert and mountains.DSCN9980

I am quite the daredevil and picked up this cheese from a gas station to enjoy with Kashi crackers. I’m still alive so I stick by that decision.DSCN9984

We also picked up a crappy freeze type of drink because it was called Tiger’s Blood. If that’s what tiger’s blood tastes like I may stop being a vegetarian.

I managed to pack some healthy snacks like fruit too, but those pics are MIA.

Dinner was at P.F. Changs and it was just okay. I have to say that the last time I went to Pei Wei too I was not impressed. Boo. I got the Vegetable Chow Fun and the waitress asked if I wanted brown rice – I wasn’t going to turn that down even though I should have. There is really no need for carbs on the side of a carb main dish.DSCN9994 DSCN9993















We stayed in downtown Salt Lake City. It is beautiful! There is a lot of construction going on, but outside of that it seems very clean and the people are super friendly. The state capitol was only about a mile away from out hotel and I ran there this morning. I don’t know if it was the elevation or what, but my run really sucked. I ended up walked most of the 4 miles I went out for. Bad runs are so discouraging 😦DSCN0013

 After the run Ben and I checked out the historic houses and a beautiful park nearby. This is a statue dedicated to Brigham Young and the pioneers.DSCN0001

Brigham Young’s estate covered a big part of this area and his former office and home have been preserved.

This is a side view of the Church of Latter Day Saints DSCN0005

There was also a beautiful garden with flowers that I couldn’t stop photographing 🙂DSCN0014

DSCN0015I packed cereal for breakfast, but Ben threw them away!!! He said they didn’t fit in the car and he was probably right since we are completely packed here, but I was mad. I really wanted cereal this morning – we are stopping at a store later. So we ended up going to a breakfast buffet next store to the hotel. I wanted to stay with the cereal theme so I stole borrowed some from the buffet for later. I was going to eat it, but I ran out of time so it’s not really stealing, right? DSCN0021

I ate a lot of fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. I got some eggs for protien since I didn’t have any nut butter to add to the oats 🙂DSCN0020

Then, I had some bites of Ben’s french toast. Delicious!DSCN0022

We couldn’t leave Utah without a visit to that big ol’ lake this place is known for! I wasn’t sure what to expect. It is super big for a lake, but there were the biggest spiders where we stopped and even Ben voted that we cut this visit short!

Ben’s thoughts on the Great Salt Lake : “It’s a big lake, but it’s not that great…”DSCN0035

DSCN0039Now we are on our way to destination number 3. Stay tuned!!! Don’t forget to check out the notes I’m leaving across the USA for Operation Beautiful 🙂


7 Responses

  1. i always take cereal boxes from buffets….i look at it like those hotel shampoos haha. and i don’t know if you mentioned this already but how long is your adventure trip going to last?

  2. That French toast look sooo good! And I always sneak food out of buffets like that. You were gonna eat it anyways right…?? haha.

    So sorry your PF Changs/Pei Wei was slightly disappointing! Have you had their lettuce wraps? Now THOSE are to die for!

  3. Haha- Brian always orders the tiger’s blood flavor when we go for shaved ice. The name just grosses me out.

    I had no idea that Salt Lake City was so pretty!

    Have fun on your road trip and drive carefully 🙂

  4. Salt Lake City looks beautiful. Everything looks insanely clean and perfect! Crazy!

  5. I wish I would have known you were going to be in SLC. You could have stayed with us!!

  6. i wish i would have known TOOOO! yeah the lake isn’t that great, it causes the whole lake effect and it smells sometimes. but SLC is a pretty rad place to live. maybe i will run into one of your post its! 😉 oh and it is harder to run here than it is in say, california. i guess it is the elevation? not sure, but i have done a race in cali and a race here in SLC and ran waaay faster in cali! have fun on the road 🙂

  7. Looks faaabbb!!!!

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