The Roadtrip to end all

Yesterday I set out on the roadtrip to end all roadtrips! I am driving from California to Maryland. Everything I own is in our car. See the odometer? We are going to jack that up real fast…

On this journey I have collaborated with Caitlin for  Operation Beautiful. I will be leaving notes all across the US. I really support her project and am very so happy that I can contribute. So, the plan is to leave positive words on all my stops! I don’t know how many notes I will end up leaving, but I’m hoping I can help touch a lot of women with the message 🙂

Now that it has been revealed I can tell ya that my first stop was Las Vegas. It’s on the way east from California and yesterday was my brother’s birthday so Ben and I went out to party with them for one night. Happy Birthday Michael!DSCN9873

Yeah, there were a lot of beverages consumed…I don’t exactly remember the details of the evening. Luckily, I had already written out my Operation Beautiful notes so my handwriting was legible in the club bathroom 🙂

This picture was taken around 5:30am…at this point we lost the other 3 guys in the group and don’t even realize it.DSCN9927

Oh, and I kinda took a picture with Chuck Liddell, because I think he rocks! Woo-woo!DSCN9900

DSCN9945Today I woke up feeling rough to say the least. I love Las Vegas and Vegas trips are really the only time that I drink to get drunk. Yeah, I think 99% of the times in my life that I’ve gotten drunk have been in L.V. I just don’t see the point at home. That sounds weird, I guess I am.DSCN9931

I said bye the my brother and his friends and now we are headed to Destination #2.

I ordered a big salad and sweet potato fries for the drive. I was 2pm and I wasn’t even hungry – that is unheard of! I wasn’t even that hungry when I ordered the food, but as soon as I started eating I realized that I was shaking super bad. As the RD says, my hunger meter is broken so maybe I was hungry? I can’t tell, but I’m working on it. DSCN9964DSCN9968


5 Responses

  1. operation beautiful is such a great idea! and sometimes when i’m really busy, i tend to by pass the hunger feeling but when i actually do sit down to eat i am *famished*. good luck with the rest of your roadtrip!

  2. Wonderful! I am looking forward to following your joureny. I’ve always wanted to drive cross country. 😀

  3. I am so jealous of your roadtrip! It’s one of my lifelong goals to do a cross country roadtrip 🙂

    Chuck Liddell actually lives in the town where I go to school (San Luis Obispo), so people see him all over quite often! It’s funny.

    And those fries look awesome girlfriend! Chow down!

  4. Sweet potato fries are the best, those are making me want to run to the store and get some for a latenight dessert

  5. This sounds like a kick-butt road trip! That’s pretty funny about only getting drunk in Las Vegas – maybe it’s because “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Looking forward to hearing more about your cross-country road trip (one of those lifetime must-do’s as far as I’m concerned – but that’s pretty obvious, judging from my website, huh?) Have fun!

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