R.E.R is moving

I wrote this yesterday while on the road but wasn’t able to post because my fancy internet machine is not as fancy as I thought. Boo. Here it is anyways…

It was very hard for me to leave my mom’s today  Matt knew I was super sad and he held it together really well. Actually, I held it together too until I went to tell them bye. Boo. But, the good news is my little mom is a teacher and she’s going to come visit me in August, so I really only have to go a month before seeing them. And she’s buying me a weekend trip out there in October so I won’t cry myself into a deep depression. Seriously.

Knowing I would be missing my long run this week I ran 8 miles this morning and then took my dogs for a walk with my mom.

Marathon Training – Since I’m missing my long run this week I”m going to change up my training plan. I’ll post more about it when I figure it out 🙂

Why do my oats look less than appetizing every time? I need to work on more aesthetically pleasing food – you eat with your eyes first!DSCN9836

I ate a ton of cherries while packing and then ate a random lunch – no picture because I was up to my knees in Ben’s crap boxes.

Dinner was less than healthy, but I did the best with my options…we drove through a burger joint and I got a Garden Burger (which I think was deep fried. Boo) and shared fries with Ben.DSCN9848DSCN9846

Plans for the evening include beverages with alcohol. Can’t we all agree that I deserve a drink after a week of packing?


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