This is Pico

After some errands on Friday Ben and I headed to my mom’s house. As we were getting close I really wanted a Raspado so we stopped at my favorite place. I got a pina colada/leche (they accidentally combined my pina order with Ben’s leche one), but it was good. I love that this place used real fruit and sugar mixes, not just syrup!DSCN1304

These suckers are BIG!

DSCN1309A little while later the elote man was coming down the street & I stopped him. I got it with everything except the chile (so I could give mine away & that’s how I always ordered them as a kid). For those of you who don’t have an elote man – it’s a big corn with mayo, parmesaen cheese, a little squirt butter and chile (optional). Doesn’t it sound tragic? Well, it’s good and it only costs $1.00. Ben was shocked that I would even buy one of these since it’s got full fat mayo AND butter, but I think I’m feeling a little nostaglic over the Pico…DSCN1311

Ben never had an elote like this before. I bought 2 and had a few big bites of one then, gave it to Matt. This is something I may not be able to find in Columbia,MD 🙂DSCN1312Do you guys have raspados and elotes where you live? If not, you should come visit me in Pico and sample some of these fine Mexican delicacies.  Not stuff you get everyday, but once in a while you have to be true to where ya come from 🙂

Oh, I ate a bunch of other random stuff like a frozen meal and cupcake…DSCN1322DSCN1315and other stuff I can’t remember…


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, we don’t have those in Columbia, sista. Sorry. lol. It sounds marvelous though. Could you bring me one?

  2. Wow those things sound incredible! There really are some odd things out there – how do people come up with them?

  3. No way are these in WA! But what a recipe! Would yogurt and cheese be good as well?

  4. I’ve never had or heard of either of those and I live in SoCal with a Mexican boyfriend. They sound good though! I give you props for being able to keep a food blog- and yours is definitely one of my favorites since I can relate to you. I have tried food blogging several times but it’s so hard since I really do eat and snack ALL day long. It’s super time consuming, but I’m glad ppl like you do it cuz I love reading them

  5. they sold that in my old apt. complex.

    they also threw huge celebrations with pinatas almost every weekend.

  6. that dude will eat anything

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