Almost there!

Ben and I got our marriage license today on our lunch. We had to meet at the Registrar’s office because we are coming from 2 different directions. DSCN0011

DSCN0004Before I left I ate cherries. I still can’t decide if my favorite fruit is watermelon or cherries!





DSCN0008I also had to pack lunches for Ben and I to eat since we were getting the license during our lunch. I ate half a piece of ww with guac while putting it together.




This is my packed sandwich for the road. I made a hummus sandwich with spinach, onions and tomatoes.DSCN0006

DSCN0012Then, when I got home I ate a BIG bowl of watermelon.

DSCN0016For my afternoon snack I had a small bowl of cereals with almond milk. This is exactly what I wanted, but it did make me too full for dinner! I told you I need to stick to fruit for snacks.




I threw together a super easy dinner – tomato soup, melted cheese on ww and 2 carrots. I also had a few crackers with guac (leftover from last night).DSCN0018

Then, I went to get the bridesmaids’ shoes and some other wedding stuff.

DSCN0019I stopped at the 99 Cent Store on the way home for doggie treats. I found 2 things that I’ve been wanting to try, but not at full price so I had some of each.

The Cheerios mix was basically  just Cheerios, eh.

The granola bar was delicious, but super processed.



I wrapped up the night with some ice cream. The biggest obstacle for me to give up dairy is going to be ice cream. Darn it. DSCN0020

Today included way too much snacking on overly processed foods again 😦

But, we are looking for progress, not perfection & I think I’m making progress. But the RD was right on when she said being super stressed causes your body to crave sugary carbs & mask your true needs.


6 Responses

  1. i can’t believe how fast your wedding came….keep smiling!

  2. congrats on the marriage licence. exciting!

    it’s a tough pick between cherries & watermelon…I can’t pick a favourite fruit- I love all fruit

    ice cream looks yum. I had a giant bowl myself last night….addiction? yes!

  3. congratulations on getting your marriage license – so exciting! 🙂

    i had ice cream too last night….well, sorbet, but only b/c that’s all i had in the freezer. i’m envious of your tasty ice cream!

  4. Congrats on the marriage license! How cool 😀 And I love your packed sandwich–it looks delicious.

    It does sound like you’re making progress, and that’s what counts! The important thing is to keep at it 🙂

  5. CONGRATS on the marriage license! And does your shirt say “Bride”? That is too cute. Such a fun time!

    PS- Cherries, for sure.

  6. Check out Coconut Bliss, non dariy ice cream. YUM and satifies the need for ice cream.

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