Flights and flights

I was going to go for a short run this morning, but it was cold and rainy in Maryland so I opted for Plan B – walking up and down the stairs in the hotel. It was only 3 flights up so I just went up and down repeatedly for about 30  minutes. Then I did 20 minutes of yoga from yogadownloads 🙂

After I did flights of stairs I got on another flight for my trip to Florida. Ben’s family has a timeshare in Southwest Florida. They go every year for this week. We will be there until Monday, then it’s back to work for a week before the wedding.

DSCN9785I was hungry on the way to the airport so I had some dry cereal. When we got checked in for the flight and were in the terminal we looked for breakfast. Unfortunately we were at DCA and the choices were pretty limited. I decided to make the best of it and order a hot tea. I didn’t put the tea bag in it, but instead dumped out some of the water and added 1 1/2 packed of Kashi H2H oatmeal! You have to work with what you have 🙂


I also had some grapes…DSCN9787








DSCN9786Ben got a breakfast sandwich and fries and I couldn’t resist eating some. Fresh fries are hard to turn down. After I kinda felt like crap though.






Columbia,MD was rainy all day yesterday and again this morning too. I hope it’s not like this all the time here. I can’t wait to get to sunny Florida! DSCN9780

Yesterday we did a lot of snacking during the day instead of getting lunch. I stole a few bites of Ben’s food shown here:DSCN9760 DSCN9752 Doughnuts and pizza folks, seriously.

It is not easy to avoid this stuff around him.


But on the good side of that, I can taste “bad” foods, but I don’t eat a lot of them. And he really doesn’t eat that bad all the time, it’s all relative.

I went to the store to pick up some snacks…DSCN9750 DSCN9755 DSCN9757

Dinner was at a cute little French place, that I believe is a chain I have never seen in California. I got a hummus plate to share with Ben.DSCN9763DSCN9768 

He ordered a beautiful crepe, which I tried a bite of. I took 745 pictures of it, but just couldn’t do it justice. Pretty food is good for the blog, but I didn’t get a good one 🙂DSCN9765

I got a bowl of veggie soup, since it was cold that was exactly what I was craving.DSCN9771

Now we just landed in Florida and are on the way to Marco Island 🙂 See you in a bit!


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  1. It’s not rainy all the time here…but if you’re concerned, then that must mean you’re coming back. =) It’s a very nice place, actually. It just happens to be raining this week. Yuck.

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