Observe and report

After a night that started out like this… I barely got any sleep last night!DSCN9595

Beverages and dancing! Ben’s away so I played with my friends!

DSCN9601Oh, and some of this…

I have to admit that I was not a very healthy blogger last night 😦 Sorry. But, life is short and my dancing days won’t be around forever!  

 Drinking means I do not make wise food choices. Noted.


DSCN9602I just got regular fries, and Susan said they weren’t as good as her Chili Cheese Fries…

DSCN9606I didn’t go to bed until 4am last night. Then, I woke up before 8am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Boo to that. I woke up slowly and eventually took a walk to the store for a naner and then ate breakfast.




I totally scored with a bunch of Manager’s Specials on veggie stuff. Always keep an eye out for this stuff! DSCN9610

I had a lot of errands and then got home for lunch around 2:30pm. Simple, but delicious – I made a sandwich and salad. DSCN9613

The rest of the afternoon I finished up my tasks and then spent the rest of the day snacking.

IE Journal – The first phase of Intuitive Eating is to get rid of all Diet Mentality. Done.

The second phase is Exploration. I am exploring my eating habits, foods I like, when I eat, how much I eat and more. The RD stressed to me that I am supposed to be an “Unconscious Observer” in all of this. When I overeat I am not supposed to have any negative self talk, just observe.

It’s not as fun as it sounds since in the back of my head I’m worried about gaining weight. Boo.

But, I did observe that I was tired from only getting 4 hours of sleep last night. I kept eating because I was tired and sluggish. Instead of this I could have had a caffeine drink or taken a nap.

I don’t want to re-hash the whole day, (even thought that’s the point of the blog!) so I’ll just leave you with this pic. DSCN9618



I am learning a lot about my eating habits which is good. I just wish I could switch these steps and jump right into true Intuitive Eating! But, it’s s process.

Tomorrow morning I am off to NJ to meet up with Ben and his family. His brother is graduating from Princeton Tuesday. Then, we have a very busy and fun week in the eastern US before heading back to Cali!

I’ll will be blogging the whole trip, so stay tuned 🙂


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  1. Woohoo for girls nights! It looks like you had a blast! 4am?! I haven’t done that in forever but it’s so fun!

    Intuitive eating takes a long time…I too am trying to get there…we can do it 🙂

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