Reality Blogging

So many people say their life should be a reality show, but really I think mine should be one right now!

There is so much craziness going on with my personal life, friends, fam, wedding, work and more. A lot of this stuff I can’t even talk about because not everyone close to me even knows yet! But, when I finally spill the beans on everything exciting in the world of Monica – you will agree that it’s crazy!

Last night I helped Ben move into his new place until midnight. Oh, and they had already turned the electricity off so we were moving by candle light. Fun stuff.DSCN9513

DSCN9515This morning I took a walk around the new neighborhood. There is major June gloom today – it was misting. It even rained last night!

I found a cute little park nearby with a running trail for next time I’m here 🙂






I had to stop at Ralph’s on my walk to pick up some yogurt. Ben doesn’t have a fridge yet. So I took all my frozen goods from his place and they thawed out overnight 😦 I’m hoping they are okay and won’t kill me because now they are in my work freezer.DSCN9517

I ate my breakfast in the kitchen…on the floor. We don’t have a table, obviously. We are literally starting from scratch with stuff we need. This is exactly why people register for wedding gifts! We have nothing! DSCN9520

DSCN9519But, we’ll be eating on the floor for a while because there are no immediate plans to buy a kitchen table. Our reasoning for this has to remain a mystery for now 😉

After work I have to drive back to the OC to take Ben to the airport. He’s going to NJ tonight and I’ll meet him out there Monday. His brother is graduating on Tuesday and he has some family out there that I’ve never met 🙂 Now I need to get to work since I have a ton to do before I leave!!!


4 Responses

  1. Ben looks like Seth Rogan in “40 year old virgin”!! I’m dying to know your exciting knews.

  2. Oh you’re so cute. We had to eat on the floor for a while until our furniture got delivered to our house when we moved in. My son loved it. He thought we were having a picnic ever day!

  3. Ummm, totally uneducated guess, but…I’m guessing a baby.

    Best wishes!

  4. I love this blog…I wish it was my own…….I want this BLOG….Shake em girl

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