My body said what?

The second principle of Intuitive Eating is “Honor your Hunger”. The book explains it as “keeping your body biologically fed”.

I have been trying to work on this one which is one of the reasons my eating was so random this weekend. But years of ignorning hunger signals because it’s not “time to eat” or I should be on a diet; as well as overeating even when I’m not hungry in reaction to a diet leaves me lost. I can’t tell when I’m hungry. I can’t tell what my body’s craving. And I can’t tell when I’m full. This is quite the dillema!

Let’s just say I tried to Honor my hunger today and failed learned a lot. After lunch and a ton of cherries I was super full and bloated. DSCN9268I started to feel empty around 3:30pm and had more cherries (bad idea) and a few bites of cottage cheese with pineapple. I was full.









 On the way home I ate some of these bunnies. I love these things. But, by the time I was home a little after 7pm I wasn’t hungry.DSCN9403
















DSCN9400I had a few bites of the green chile chicken my mom made, but didn’t want it.

This is a cheater recipe. She just cooked up some potatoes and shredded a rotiserie chicken and added some peas and green enchilada sauce to make it. Simple, right.






DSCN9393So after a walk with the dogs I decided to just eat what I wanted…I grabbed a piece of this bread and half a chocolate chip cookie.








But, what I really wanted was some popcorn. DSCN9406

But all those carbs just made me feel bloated full, but not satisfied or healthy.

I had a cup or two of cereal with milk and decided to call it a night. DSCN9408

Lesson learned – a night of carbs, even if that’s what your body says it is craving, can make you feel gross. This is how the IE works – the process lets you learn for yourself that you can’t live off of Challah bread and cereal. Noted.


7 Responses

  1. I know what you mean! I have tried to follow IE religiously in the past but i’ve realised that for me there is a point where I need to draw the line and make healthy choices. Sometimes I think that what I think my body wants are just cravings so I need to try and resist them.

    Now I am selective in how I use IE. I mainly just try and focus on eating when hungry and stopping when full.

    It is a great learning process though!

  2. sorrry your tummy hurt and felt so bloated. that’s no fun at all. challah is so bomb though- ya gotta admit, right?

  3. def understand those days when everything is just out of wack. They gotta happen somethings though.

  4. it’s so weird on days like that!

    love that it’s letting you know you can’t live on challah and cereal alone 🙂 I hate having to learn those things the hard way, but that’s the way it happens sometimes!

  5. Awe I totally understand. Night time carb fests are hard to avoid sometimes. Uhhh!

  6. Hey at least you know now that carbs alone are not the answer. That bread looks amazing though, I bet it would’ve been great w/a little soup.

    Nothing wrong with ending the day with some cereal though, I think you can keep that one in there!

  7. Interesting… I rarely crave anything BUT carbs, and lord knows I get enough of those.

    Your mom’s green chile chicken looks so good!

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