It certainly didn’t feel like Monday today. I got to sleep in, go for a run, eat a leisurely breakfast and accomplish a ton of wedding tasks 🙂

Wedding things we got done:

– Tons of follow ups with vendors

– Deciding flower stuff

– Getting Ben’s ring sized and engraved

W/O: Run 6 miles. I woke up late – 8:15ish! Luckily, it was cool here today so I still had a nice little run.

But, by the time I got back and made breakfast we were eating at 10am. This once again threw off my whole day of eating.

Breakfast – I wanted something “fancy” since I had time to cook today. I made cinnamon raisin french toast. I poured the extra egg mixture on the second piece so it looked like a big piece of egg!

Topped with almond butter for happiness &  healthy fats. Foodies 1926

I got hungry around lunch time for some fruit.Foodies 1929

Foodies 1931And ended up finishing off the container of blueberries. We just bought these Saturday and they’re gone! I am all anti-oxidant-ed up.




Foodies 1935I ate “lunch” at 4pm! It was a big salad shared with Ben and a turkey sausage on a ww bun. It’s what I made for Ben for lunch and just figured I would have the same thing.




After more errands and getting me a new laptop (!!!) we went to my favorite restaurant for dinner – Whole Foods!

Foodies 1939I got a grape sody aka Kombucha. This little bit of fermentation in this makes me feel buzzed. This means I do not drink enough. Noted.







I got 2 little containers of salad bar food. This one has Foodies 1936a few cold salads – my favorite things from WF couscous, some southwest mac salad and another pasta salad.





and this one has Foodies 1938white rice on the bottom and is topped with golden sesame tofu and veggies. I also added some tempeh salad on the side. The tofu was amazing!!!






Foodies 1940Dessert– I got a blondie from the bakery case. I had never had a blondie before! Turns out I wasn’t missing much. I didn’t like it. Boo. It was a little dry, which is part of the reason, but it was kinda “blah”. I’m not in favor of taking chocolate out of anything I guess.


Foodies 1942I went with a Vitatop for dessert and was happy 🙂

What do you guys think – do you like blondies? What’s your favorite dessert? My fave has to include chocolate 🙂






IE Journal– My eating has been very random lately, but I think it’s a good thing. I think I’m slowly learning to listen to my body and it’s a process. Some days I am great at eating what my body is asking for – in food selection and amounts and other days I eat too much/random crap/other.

I’m really self concious about what I’ve been eating lately because I do feel that it’s a lot of “bad” things. In the beginning of IE when you are giving yourself “unconditional permission” to all foods this happens. Often chronic dieters go in the opposite direction and eat a bunch of foods that used to be off limits. I think that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s a little scary, but I’m trying to work through the process and learn from it.


3 Responses

  1. i’ve had some blondies that I love and some that aren’t great – I’ll usually just go for a cookie or brownie instead 🙂

  2. I feel like I’ve been doing the same thing lately: almost giving myself permission to eat a whole lot of crap, saying I’ll make up for it tomorrow, blah blah blah. Have. To. Stop. Reading that other people go through the same thing is helpful, though. At least we’re not going though it alone.

  3. I totally understand!! I just try to plan ahead and always be prepared. If I mess up…. which I often do…. I forgive myself and move on. I love how honest you are on your blog!

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