Better than Cinnabon

If you can believe this, my dinner tonight was better than Cinnabon. And I should know because I had a sample today at the mall.

While I was shopping in the mall for wedding shoes I got super hungry and thirsty, but I didn’t want to buy mall food. So, I figured a diet coke would be a happy little treat. I strategically bought my soda from Cinnabon and conveniently they were giving out samples! So I was able to taste a bun without getting actually getting one!dscn8484

But it was kinda disappointing since it was cold. Boo. In case you’re new to R.E.R, I “made” my brother a Cinnabon Cake for his b-day last year!

Dinner – After a disappointing Cinnabon taste I still wanted something warm, sweet and cinnamon-y. As I was driving home from the mall a brilliant idea hit me – Cinnamon French Toast for dinner. I soaked 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin Ez bread in egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon and a dash of salt, then grilled them up. Once cooked I spread some PB on top and finished it off with raisins, pecans and some maple syrup on the side for dipping.dscn8485

Have you ever cooked something and the entire time you’re eating it you’re thinking, “I am a genius!” That was me tonight. Amazing.dscn8487

I kinda had breakfast all day today! I ate cereal and a smoothie for my actual breakfast. The French Toast for dinner and I made eggs for lunch (I think of eggs as a breakie food)!

Here is my egg sandwich with tons of ketchup and blackberries. dscn8473

I also made a salad for veggie goodness. dscn8472

For some reason I was still hungry after this meal so I ended up eating half of this bar…dscn8481

Later I had some melon for my Raw Challenge snack. I didn’t do a full meal raw since I added cereal to breakfast, but my smoothie counts, right?dscn8482

I took a long walk with my mom after dinner and then enjoyed dessert. A ton of watermelon while cutting it! This is watermelon #2 for this week people. I have a problem. Julz are you out there? I know you “get” my watermelon obsession!dscn8491

Now I’m super full, but at least it’s not ice cream right? I feel good and I have an appt with the RD tomorrow, which I really need. I have to finish Intuitive Eating soon, it’s taking me sooo long because I actually had lost the book for about 3 weeks and finally found it again! Ha.


5 Responses

  1. When I was running races on the American bases in Germany, some had Cinnabon. When I tried it for the first time I thought I was going to DIE because it was SOOO good! It did make me so uncomfortably full that I wanted to barf on the ride back home. But totally worth the taste!

  2. Yay for samples!

  3. The French toast looks so good! I am totally making some on Sunday!

    And I LOVE watermelon too- I eat to ’til I feel like bursting if I am chopping it up! haha Seriously- I feel like my belly is a water balloon. 🙂

    mmmm cinnabon. there are a few located at some subway stations on my route and when you get off at those stations, that is ALL you can smell.

  4. That French Toast looks so good! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I ❤ watermelon!! Is there any other fruit more satisfying?

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