Turkey Sammie for me

It’s weird to not get up and go running on a Saturday morning! I wanted to do something, but I don’t run before a race. So, Ben and I did 8 minutes abs. Then, hit the Race Expo for my bib. I think race expos have so much energy and excitement around them!!! It’s contagious!

Before we left for the expo I ate  breakfast – I made a smaller than usual bowl of oatmeal.dscn8319 I knew we would be snacking before the hike.

After the expo we went for a hike. I thought it would be a good way to get my legs loosened up a bit without running. I had a few bites of a Clif bar when we got there.

Oh, at the expo there was a kid’s race!!! The kids were adorable. dscn8321

Lunch was a little out of character for me. It was just a turkey sandwich, but I don’t eat meat or avocado (in sandwiches), but I am feeling a little weird today and it was the healthiest thing at Ben’s!

It was a Perfect 10 bagel with turkey, spinach, a little mayo and mustard and avocado. I don’t normally put avocado in sandwiches since I feel like you can’t taste it and it’s a waste, but I thought I’d go for it.dscn8329

I also had blackberries, a huge carrot and some mustard pretzels and 8 grain crisps. I trusted Intuitive Eating and served myself what I wanted to eat versus not putting the pretzels/crisps on my plate but eating them straight form the bag. dscn8330

Now I’m off to run errands and carb load for the race tomorrow!!!!


One Response

  1. That bagel sandwich looks too die for! I agree about the avocado but then when I do sometimes taste it, it’s so creamy and delish!

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