Brooke Hogan

Since I obviously have no problem telling you guys embarrassing things about myself, (like when I eat a doughnut and an ice cream sandwhich because I’m stressed) I thought I will add to the list of things you may judge me on with this: I love Brooke Hogan right now. Isn’t that random? I caught her VH1 show on reruns the other day and discovered I think she’s cool 🙂

For Lunch I used up the last of my open faced grilled cheese cheese. It’s this stuff, only 50 cals a slice. Love it.dscn8271

The main event was a massive salad with: shredded cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, orange bell pepper, peanuts, garbanzo beans and TJ’s Peanut dressing (my all time fave).dscn8272

With that salad I had a piece of Ez bread with cheese and watermelon w/ grapes. dscn8276

This was a very satisfying lunch, but I was a little too full after it. I think my body would have been fine without the fruit addition. My RD wanted me to increase calories of meals, but said I could add them to snack if I was too full. I think a meal time/amount switch is in order because I’ve been overly full after B and L lately.


3 Responses

  1. I was wondering what kind of cheese you used and was going to ask next time you had it, I’m going to have keep an eye out for that cheese at the store!
    Ugh I can’t stand the Hogans, no offense. Ever since the car accident with Nick I’ve had a strong dislike, I went to high school for a couple years with John (the guy in the car accident with Nick) I guess I’m kind of biased.
    That massive salad looks perfect!

  2. AH that cheese excites me!! I have been craving pepperjack but hate how many cals are in one slice of cheese! So this is such a good little tidbit! And your salad includes everything I adore..garbanzo beans, carrots, and peanut dressing! yumyummm!

  3. Why did your RD want you to increase the calories? Do you notice any changes in your energy or body since doing so? I have increased lately and actually don’t notice any changes. So just wondering if I need to stick it out a bit longer.

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