On second thought…

Lunch was open faced grilled cheese with a big carrot, tomatoes and hummus. Yogurt on the side for dessert/dairy. dscn8221

Then, I realized that I love to eat yogurt with some kind of topping. So, I added the “allow-ables” – almonds and raisins. dscn8223

But, I wanted more of the goodies so I grabbed a handful of trailmix I have.dscn8224

So, I realized that it may not be such a good idea to add nuts and dried fruits to my yogurt in place of cereal because they are much higher in calories. I am trying to lose weight here, hello. And since I’m def a volume eater this is dangerous. I’m going to think about a solution to this little problem and figure out a healthy option 🙂


4 Responses

  1. your open faced grilled cheese looks YUMMMMMMY! mmM! i do the same thing with healthy foods all the time…keep adding and eating and then realizing that i just ate 700 calories of healthy foods LOL. good luck with your cfw!

  2. I love to add toppings to yogurt also, and cereal is one of my favorites. Fresh fruit is voluminous but lower calorie than dried. Berries on yogurt are delicious!

  3. Hi hi! I have never commented before because I have never had a blog but since I made one today..I had to come by and say hello to tell you how much I enjoy reading yours! And when I was at boarding school, yogurt and raisins were the most addicting thing ever! Kinda dangerous but seriously GOOD! 🙂

  4. I had that yogurt for snack today too:) I kinda broke the crap free today, I had some FROYO I ll be back on the wagon tomorrow!

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