Give it a taste!

After hours of horrible traffic up to Paso Robles (Central CA wine country) we finally made it to the wedding site!

I was saving up my appetite to try all the good stuff. We were there to try the appetizers, fish and vegetarian options for the reception dinner. We started with appetizers, which I wanted to have a Mexican flavor.

I don’t have the official/fancy names for the dishes, which are much more impressive than what I’m calling them…

Black bean cakes – they had whole black beans in it and I think some flour and cheese that all blended well together. That orange sauce was good, but I have no idea what was in it.  Tasty, unique & vegetarian – Thumbs up.foodies-1752

Shrimp Quesadillas foodies-1750topped with mango salsa

foodies-1749Fruit Salad with a custard sauce – It was delicious & included all of my favorite fruits (except cherries), but I wanted a mixed greens salad with fruit in it. So, that’s the only significant change.foodies-1755

Veggie  – Butternut squash ravioli with swiss chard. Ben, who doesn’t normally appreciate veggie dishes loved it! So, that is a thumb’s up from him & me!foodies-1763

Fish  – Salmon with polenta. LOVED.IT. I love polenta, but don’t know how to make it/never have tried to make it at home. I also love salmon, so this is my choice! foodies-1760

foodies-1761Beef  – we tried this when we signed the contract. It is a cut of filet mignon with a red wine reduction served with roasted onion and garlic mashed potatoes. I can’t find a pic, but given that this was the sign that greeted us, there was much vino enjoyed too 🙂 foodies-1767

I actually didn’t eat that much since Ben and I were sharing, so dessert was in order. My favorite dessert – frozen yogurt with lots of toppings! foodies-1790

I also picked up a gallon of water to stay properly hydrated, I should drink more right now…good night!foodies-1803


3 Responses

  1. Haha, love the pic with the huge water bottle! The food looks delish! I’ve decided to try polenta – I’ve never even had it! But I’ve got the ingredients in the house now.

  2. hahah that is a super cute picture with the water bottle, It’s like 5x the size of your head my dear!!!

    You always have such pretty eats girlie. Mmmm drooling over the salmon!!!

  3. Those menu options for a wedding look lovely!

    The ice cream looked even better. haha 🙂

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