How many calories do I need?

I stumbled upon this site today that tells you how many calories you should be eating to get to your ideal weight.

I did it and the ideal weight it gave me is lower than I care to be, so I didn’t like that about the information, but it was informative.

It says I burn 1777 calories a day (not including any calories I burn exercising). According to the site I should eat 1481 cals/day to lose weight. But – since it doesn’t account for exercise, which burns another 350 daily – I can eat 1800 calories a day and still have a deficit of 300. Not too shabby.

 *I know many of my readers have or have dealt with disordered eating in the past. So, if you have a history of restricting or if this site may trigger you for any other reason,  – don’t click on it. I want you to be healthy & feel good – not be tormented by numbers 🙂

I am about 11 pounds away from my ideal weight right now – based on my own fitness goals, which are higher than most ideal numbers for my height. So, knowing how many calories I should be aiming for is good to keep in mind even if I am trying to eat intuitively!

Calories you need 


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  1. you really think you’re only burning about 350 calories a day from exercise? i highly doubt that. i weigh about 120 and i always estimated about 95 calories burned per mile … and i’m guessing you’re probably running more than 25 miles per week (roughly 3.5 miles times 7 days).

  2. it says my ideal weight should be 149, I am 5’9, i would like to weight around 153 so it guess it’s not that far off but 149 would be tough for me to get down to. interesting site though

    now that i am looking at this alittle more=i think the averages are really off

    125.4 lb – 167.2 lb-that’s a HUGE difference

  3. From the amount I exercise, these things always say I should eat quite a few calories. But I feel like that’s way too much. My weight doesn’t go down unless I am very careful about my calories.

  4. Tami – I totally agree! The ranges are drastic and it just randomly gives you the median number. It told me I should weigh around 136, yeah, in my dreams.

  5. Ooo. I have been looking for a site like this. Thanks!

    It gave me an ideal weight of 140. Ha! My goal is 155! It does say I can eat 1800 calories a day, so that makes me feel better. I have been feeling guilty about eating more. Not that it is making me NOT eat more, but I’ve just been feeling bad that my body wants more calories.

  6. My weight range, as per BMI, is 110 to 147. I’ll be happy if I get to 150, which is 13 pounds away. I’m a lot of muscle, and a lot of breast, I don’t think those formulas work very good on the individual level. I would look freaky at 129.

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