Pump up the volume

My volume eating day continued with a big salad for dinner. I topped it with a bunch of veggies, peanuts and tempeh! You can’t see the tempeh because I added it after.dscn7907

One of my top 3 favorite veggies on the side…dscn7908







After dinner I snacked on some Kashi trail mix at the counter – busted! This is a recreation with my dessert – an english muffin with BB and chocolate chips – absolutely delicious 🙂dscn7912

I had a long day and after dinner and dessert I needed to get outside and take a walk. I called a friend and had a great walk while chatting 🙂

Lacey reminded me that Hungry Girl teamed up with Vitatopto offer a chocolate lover’s package with free shipping. I only order Vitatops when they offer this deal. I decided to go for it and order the Vitatops – these are one of my favorite treats (after frozen yogurt). Click on the link if you’re interested.

Work out missing link – I have decided I cannot make myself do 30 minute Shred after work. After being couped up in an office all day I would just rather take a walk outside. So, if I want to do strength training or a video I have to get up 20 minutes earlier to do it.

Snacking – When I came back from my walk I grabbed a handful of grapes and had to make a big effort to stop myself. This is a hard habit to break, but I might make fruit an okay snack food for now – like chewing gum for someone who is quitting smoking.


4 Responses

  1. I’m absolutely a volume eater too, which is why I opt for huge salads so often. :\ I’m so interested in VitaTops, but I’m afraid I might like them too much and get addicted, so I’m refraining from ordering them!

    Good luck with resolving the snacking; it’s definitely a hard habit to crack.

  2. Hey Monica! Ya i live in Los Altos 😀 Right by Target and that jazz….I’m going out of town on Thurs, so I was gonna try to meet up with Meghann tomm night, maybe go to TJ’s and goldenspoon..e-mail me if you are free!

  3. I’m going on a limb putting all that out there, crossing my fingers NO stalkers ha

  4. yay vitatops 🙂 glad that was helpful! i think grapes are a great idea– really can’t do much damage with just fruit and i would agree with the quitting-substitute comparison.

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