Monica & ice cream sitting in a tree…

I didn’t really mention the rest of my weekend in my previous post. Sunday involved yoga, the bridal expo, foodies & frozen yogurt 🙂

I’ve decided that I will never deny myself ice cream, but I should probably not keep it in the house…dscn7866 but, doesn’t this look so amazing?!

Today’s lunch involved running an errand and then lot’s of tupperware…

PB&PB on ezekial bread with watermelon. Seriously, you have no idea how happy I am that watermelon is finally in season!!! I’ve decided the moment my favorite fruits come into season is the happiest day(s) of the year. dscn7873

A big salad to get those veggies in –dscn7875

AG 30 Day Challenge – I did drink Amazing Greens this morning while making my oats too! I may have some after work to replace my normal snacking habit or I may avoid the kitchen all together, I’m not decided yet.


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  1. Yummy ice cream! And with the fruit, it’s healthy! 🙂

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