All my lunch money

I completely just spent all my “lunch” money at Whole Foods. And by lunch money I mean everything I own.

After Jenna was raving about Amazing Greens I wanted to jump right on board. I am running a half marathon in 15 days, going to Vegas in 27 days and getting married in 63 days!!!!!! Needless to say I need all the health help I can get.

So, I am taking the 30 Amazing Grass Challenge –

“Try the Amazing Grass 30 day challenge. Pay careful attention to how you feel mentally and physically before you start taking Amazing Grass. Take the recommended amount of our products twice a day for 30 days.”

Here is my stash – it was on sale, but still cost about 60 bucks for both of thesefoodies-1681

 I also got some other good stuff like these raw treats: foodies-1682

I tried the Chocolate Super Cookies – they are really good & Ben liked them too! If all raw food was this tasty I would eat raw more often! But, I guess you can’t live off of cookies, raw or otherwise…foodies-1684

Other goodies…I seriously spent all my grocery money on 1 bag of Whole Foods food! Damn.foodies-1683

Dinner was Thai, I have been craving it for days…foodies-1680foodies-1679

Afternoon snacks…foodies-1677 

I have once again broken my sleep challenge…it is late and I am here with you all. Not that I don’t like you guys, but I really need to get some sleep.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the Amazing Greens Challenge! I will probably just have it once a day, but may try 2x every now and then.

I am also challenging myself to completely stay away from meat (except fish) for the next 64 days too. I very very rarely ate meat before I met Ben, but a lot of his habits have rubbed off on me. I don’t like that I am adapting habits that I don’t want just because it’s easier. I don’t want to lose who I am in a relationship – and that includes my eating. I did eat fish, so I’m keeping that, but slowly more and more bites and meals have included meat over the last 2 years.

Tomorrow = Amazing Greens & No Meat!

Now that I have overwhelmed myself with challenges I am going to sleep. See you tomorrow after my long run 🙂


5 Responses

  1. banana bread flax bar- one of my FAVORITES EVER! So insanely delicious, you will be blown away. Heat it up, even 🙂

    you are totally inspiring, you need to know that. simply because you find stilless and patience, every step of the way. i love that. xo have a beautiful run!

  2. Such fun new products!!!

    The chocolate cookies sound AMAZING!!!

  3. That green stuff kinda freaks me out… but let us know how it works!

  4. The chocolate cookies look great! I love Thai food too. Especially the curries…but the stir-frys are healthier.

  5. I could liquidate my bank account grocery shopping!! Today I was a yogurt and produce connoisseur : ) I wish we had a Whole Foods in Buffalo.

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