Down to the wire

Did I tell you guys that I had to pay taxes this year? Yeah, every year I get a good amount back, but this year I had to pay state (not federal). Apparently Gov. Schwarzenegger doesn’t realize I have a wedding to pay for. Boo. It was totally down to the wire – I had to run after the Post Office Lady since she already delivered our mail! Good thing I caught her 🙂

Lunch – I was hungry for lunch early. I don’t know if I was actually hungry or all the comotion of the morning gave me “anxious hunger” that I wanted to calm by eating. Veggie soup and open faced grilled cheese – my fave.dscn7733


and because lunch needs dessert on days like this – dscn7734


Breakfast – the usual, oats, wheatberries, BB, naner, cinnamon,AM today with the additon of raisins! Fancy, I know. dscn77101

I also had a small cup of this cereal while making breakfast …dscn7708

and some of this a bit later – this is great granola made without oil!dscn7714 

I’m kinda backwards today…

W/O: 5 miles steady. When I got back home I did some random handweights because I never do strength work, but I should! At least it’s something…

And lastly, I am still tired! I got about 7.5 hours of sleep last night and right now I feel like I could take a nap. I drank this vita water drink to help, but it didn’t. dscn7735

Now, I’m drinking a Diet Coke for the caffeine and I actually don’t really like it right now. Weird. I’m sticking to the 8 Hour Challenge though! I have faith.

My dog Bailey was really photogenic today dscn7724


3 Responses

  1. Icky taxes… But think of it this way, when you get a refund, you’re essentially giving the government an interest free loan all year long. My dad happily pays taxes every year b/c he’d rather hold onto his money as long as possible.


  3. Your dog is so cute! My dog’s name is Bailey too!

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