Adding it up…

I’m conflicted about eating more for breakfast and lunch…part of me is happy that I get to eat more (ha, that is tragic) and the other part of me is stressed that I’m going to just continue to overeat later in the day & now I’m just adding more calories to my daily intake.

I just added up my calories from Breakfast, Lunch and my snack and it’s close to 1,400. It’s not even 5pm yet, and I still have to eat dinner! But, the RD’s  theory is that I end up eating over 2000 calories a day anyways, it’s just in snacking/binge form, so I don’t even realize it. I guess it’s better to put it on a plate and eat it with a meal or snack rather than consume over 600 calories standing at the counter at home.

Lunch featured this new find – cottage cheese with pear & mangosteen. It was good!dscn7699 But, what the hell is a mangosteen????

And a plate of veggies, apple and a PB&PB sammie. Oh, and I also had an amazing crisscut fry from Carl’s Jr. courtesy of one of my co-workers.dscn7698

My snack was this Kashi bar, I was actually craving something salty (that almost never happens!) but my office is all out of the communal popcorn 😦 dscn7700


4 Responses

  1. it’s ok, I look forward to food too : )

  2. As someone who’s long recovered from an ed, I have to say that I was scared to death to increase cals in the beginning and eat more during my meals. I’ll be the first to admit (I may have not been a typical person with an ed because…) I loved food and I even loved bingeing :-O Yep…that’s right, sick but true…I loved doing it. Now, I can’t imagine. I know this is scary for you but trust the professionals. Your body needs a lot of fuel to support your bodies living functions, activities, and just being alive. Love your blog and wish you the best!

  3. Hi Hun

    I can relate so much. I am a day time restricter and then as soon as work is over I go a bit crazy and it’s mainly because I don’t eat enough in the day. I don’t run as much as you do (i do 15-20 miles per week) but i’ll keep my day time cals as low as 600 which is just ridiculous! My working day feels long and laborious on so few calories and I just function terribly. I too am in the process of upping my day time cals and i know how daunting it is but i think it is an important step to stopping the grazing and binging.

    we’ll get there – slow and steady!

    i’m upping by 50-100 cals a day.

    Best of luck… love the blog!

  4. Living & Goldie – wow, thanks for commenting! It’s so good to know I’m not the only one out there with these problems.

    I love the idea of adding 50 to 100 cals a day, I may need to do that…

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