Do you eat rabbit?

Sorry I was MIA since Saturday, like I’ve mentioned I am super busy with wedding/work/other stuff right now.

The wedding is only 68 days away!!! And I have A LOT of things to do. Between getting out the invites and Easter with the fam, it was a fun, but hectic weekend.

So, do you eat rabbit? Because I do.

I made a rabbit bunny cake for Easter…dscn7641

Here is a close up of the masterpiece. Are you impressed with me? I am. dscn7614

I did church, cake making, BBQ, Easter egg hunt, invites and some other important tasks Sunday.

I had a lot of great eats this weekend, but don’t want to recap them all due to time constraints. Here is one of the best highlights – a whole pizza just for me on Saturday. I eat absolutely whatever I want on long run days, obviously. dscn7596 But, I didn’t end up eating it all. Ben pointed out that I was eating really fast and that I would be stuffed as soon as I was done. I have discussed with him that I always get overly full because it takes my body time to register fullness. He did it in a helpful way, but it still kinda pissed me off at the time.

I was glad later that I didn’t eat it all because I would have been uncomfortably full, but about 2 hours later I did have a good snack. One of the things about intuitive eating is eating until your body is satisfied & not stuffing yourself. One of the important things to remember as you try to learn your body’s satisfaction level is – You can eat again. You can eat again when you’re hungry, even if it’s an hour later. You don’t have to eat it all right now if you’re full. After years of dieting it’s hard to trust that food will always be allowed, at any time, when you’re hungry.

This is really  hard for me because I have realized that I don’t know how to read my body’s hungry signals. Years of overeating and dieting over and over again has resulted in me not being able to tell when I’m hungry or full! I have to start from the beggining.

Q: Have you guys ever asked for help from partners/friends/family to let you know when it looks like you are “over doing it”? It’s a really hard line to walk and I see how it could easily end up bad…


7 Responses

  1. Love the cake!

  2. adorable cake!!

  3. I love the cake! I don’t think I could ever allow my family to tell me when I’ve overdone it. The only people I trust enough to tell me that are the ones who I’d lash out at if they did so.

  4. Thanks!!!

    Alison – I totally agree, but I’m kinda desparate for help at this point…

  5. I frequently ask my husband to tell me when he sees that I am overdoing it. I feel bad because whenever he mentions it, I get really upset and defensive. Of course later I can see what he saw and thank him for his advice. Asking for help like that requires walking a very fine line. I know the husband feels like I lash out at him a lot over this issue, but in the end, I have to realize that he is helping me. It’s hard to hear when I’ve been over eating but it’s something that I’m trying to accept.

    Your post really hit home with me – I too am struggling big time with intuitive eating. It’s hard for me to realize that food will always be there. I’m so used to dieting that I’ve forgotten how to listen to myself!

    P.S. LOVE the cute! It’s super cute!

  6. ….and that should say cake, not cute. haha

  7. Your cake is awesome! Good job!

    My husband tries to help me with my eating, and we usually argue. I am just too touchy about it ;(

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