Let’s play pretend

Can we pretend like yesterday didn’t happen? Because I was working from home (alone), super stressed and ate half a carton of ice cream. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had that bad of a binge & I know it’s stress related since I ate pretty well earlier in the day. Boo.

I hate that this blog is just turning into me bitching about my weight and food issues, so I want to just note it and move on. I am actively working to prevent this from happening again, but don’t want to talk about it anymore for today.

So, on to Thursday…I really needed to get out and run this morning after a super all day long eating day. I did 5.5 miles and came home to Level 1 Shred. The sound on my DVD just did not work today? Does anyone have any idea why that could be?????

Breakfast: dscn7511

I actually started with some of this Alphabit cereal, after a handful I realized it was best with a little AM, so I did  🙂 This is the kind of cereal that is sweet and airy – and you can eat 5 cups of it before you realize & you’re still not full! The pics is sideways and I only have a minute to post so I have to leave it. dscn7498

Mid-morning – I had a cup of grapes, while working. I am trying to do nothing but eat when I have any kind of meal/snack/other, so I should have stepped away from the computer.dscn7514

Lunch : A big salad and 2 pieces of bread with broiled cheese on top. I am loving this lunch lately. I wasn’t a cheese person until very recently and now I just crave these cheese sammies all the time! dscn75211









For dessert I had a Sweet Potato Muffie 🙂 I baked these last night for the winner of the blogger bake sale and had to see if they were still good!



I always have a calcium supplement with lunch (and sometimes dinner too).



Questions, comments, complaints:

I thought it would be easiest & fastest to respond to some of your recent questions here:

1. (To Moran) On long runs I carry my cell phone in a plastic baggie because I get so sweaty (drenched) that I would break it. I might have a medical condition, because it’s that bad.

2. (  To Alicia) Monday through Friday I’m a recruiter right now, I also do freelance writing (I went to school for journalism)  and I’ve done a ton of internships and stuff 🙂

3. (Lacey) I’m applying to schools all around the US for communications type stuff. I don’t give to much up on this since I’m very superstitious and don’t want to jinx anything 🙂

4. (Migg) – Yep, just got engaged in Jan. and now we’re getting married in June. It has been and will continue to be crazy until then!

5. (Adriel) – No, I will not make out with you.

I obviously made that last one up 🙂

Question – What is your opinion on dairy? Good/Bad/Impartial?

Me – I do feel like when I binge dairy is always involved (via ice cream or cereal with cow’s milk), but I do think low fat dairy is one of the key ways I get protein & calcium.


10 Responses

  1. hi. i hope things settle down for you. i know what you mean about eating, weight and all that….it’s always on my mind. i had a nice run with the gal that owns the gym i go to this morning. she was telling me about some of her clients, she gives free personal training to several members who need to change their life NOW or else they might not be around in a few years, it was very interesting and made me put my complaining on the back burn. (not sure why i typed all that out but I just hope you feel better soon)

  2. I heart dairy! Probably too much

  3. I am lactoseintolerant so I can have cows milk, just a little here and there. And Yes we can pretend like yesterday didn’t happen!!!

  4. I ❤ dairy!!! Yogurt … cheese …. ice cream…. milk …..

  5. hehe i liked the list of responses, super cute. 🙂 hmmm i really really like dairy. i tried giving it up for awhile to see if it would help clear up my skin. but i live for milk and yogurt. and ice cream!!!!!!! so that didn’t last very long (and i didn’t really notice a difference). lately i try to buy organic milk. i don’t think i would ever give it up unless i absolutely had to!

  6. i love dairy bc it keeps me full esp yogurt and cottage cheese, but ice cream is def easy to eat way too much of… done that many, many times. so i only keep flavors that my hubby likes and i dont (cookies and cream) in the house or ill buy individual bars.

  7. I love dairy!!!

  8. I’ve read a lot of stuff lately about how cow’s milk is so awful for you and that all dairy should be cut out of your diet. I tried to stop eating it yet I would always just end up bingeing on cheese or ice cream later. Really, especially for vegetarians dairy is a great source of protein and low-fat versions don’t pack many calories. I think in moderation, it’s really alright. I do substitute soy milk a lot, though.

  9. I like dairy, but I’m not a huge milk fan. It just doesn’t taste that good to me. I’m extremely picky about how I’ll drink it. I can only drink it with starches like pasta or with meat. Not with vegetables, fruit, cereal, or anything sweet. No milk and cookies for me. Lately, I’ve stopped drinking it almost entirely. I just take calcium pills instead.

  10. I’m sorry you’ve been so stressed lately.

    I like dairy in all its forms. Mark, however, gets headaches with cow’s milk, but no other dairy.


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