Poll for Terence

My friend Terence went to the doctor yesterday and had a scare. His resting heart rate is 36 and the doctor seemed concerned. He runs regularly and is training for a half mary, so I chalk it up to that, but he wants me to take a poll: dscn7408

Q: What is your resting heart rate?

If you answer very low Terence will feel better. If you answer very high he will freak out, convince himself he’s dying and give me his stereo…so, answer wisely 🙂

Back to eats, treats and runs. I did not feel like doing anything fancy or fast on my run this morning so I went out for 5.5 miles of slow and steady jogging or “yogging” – I believe the J is silent.

NO PIC – Before my run I had a handful of some sweet Maple Shredded Wheat cereal. I didn’t realize how many times during the day I just grab food out of the box!!!

Breakfast – oats,wheat berries, almond milk, cinnamon, brown sugar, Barney Butter dscn7401

Lunch – PB & PBdscn7403

A big plate of sweet peppers and grapes. I didn’t want the sweet peppers, but thought I should eat some veggies…dscn7404

And then my peep, Lisa, offered me her leftover french fries and far be it for me to turn away fries. I love fries, especially big ol’ fat ones from good burger joints like this…I figured it was good that I ate them since I am trying to add a little bit of cals to my lunch, right? dscn7407


Don’t forget to answer Terence’s question…what’s your resting heart rate and do you think Terence is a goner???


11 Responses

  1. 2 things…

    1 – I don’t know how to find my heart rate, let alone resting heart rate, but I think Terence will be fine. He’s just that cool and relaxed at all times.

    2 – Judging by some of your other front page posts, you became engaged at some point recently, so congratulations!

  2. Mine usually is in the mid sixties! I think he’s going to be A-Okay!

  3. According to my Polar, my resting heart rate is between 80-86bpm. I wouldn’t be too worried though, I heard that Lance Armstrong’s is 30-34! So I would just consider him very healthy 🙂

  4. i’m a nurse, and “normal” is between 60-100. i think mine is in the low 60s. i don’t know Terence, but i think he’d have to be in pretty damned good shape to have 36 as his resting heart rate (that’s around where Dean Karnazes and Lance Armstrong’s are).

  5. Hey! I just came across your blog and I love it! Haha it’s funny you brought up the topic of resting heart rates… before I started running mine was around 70, but the last time I checked it, it was around 40-45, so I think Terence will be fine! By the way, when mine was 70 I didn’t run that much at all, now I’m running 30-35 miles a week… so I would definitely attribute it to the amazing shape he’s in!

  6. Mine is 72 …. he’s going to be just fine : ) His heart is very strong and efficient that’s why its so low .

    oh btw… I love your blog!!!

  7. Someone has a resting heart rate like mine…YAY!! I was excited to read this today. My resting is 32! And, i’ve been alive 28 years and 13 days!

  8. My resting heart rate is around 60…36 seems crazy low, but he’s probably just in great shape!

    So, I know this is going to sound strange, but when I first started treatment (with my RD), we worked out a plan to discourage me from grabbing things from boxes and randomly snacking. I was HORRIBLE about that! Her idea worked like a charm. It takes some time, but it’s so worth the effort.

    When you buy things that you **know** you’re prone to snacking on (your crutch seems to be cereal, as was mine), as soon as the box enters your house, divide it into individual plastic serving-sized bags. Keep the individual bags in the normal “cereal” place, but don’t open the bag unless you’re going to eat the entire thing. It worked awesome for me. I found myself only eating cereal with a meal, and now I very rarely eat it, except as a decoration on top of my oats. =)

  9. mine is alwasy 60-70..however I know a long distance cross country runner (male, about 24) and his is like 27…very low HR for long distance running is acceptable I heard.

  10. my resting hr is about 60ish, i run about 20-25 miles a week. i hope he is ok. family history might be important to know for him

  11. My resting HR is between 38-42 on any given day.
    It’s a condition called bracicardia (sp?) and is a fancy word for low heart rate.

    My Dr’s don’t get too freaked out. They are just lake..”Oh, whoa” I’m gonna check this again. Oh, yup. Do you run?”

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