No Pic Rule

I am making a commitment to eat from a plate & while sitting down, so it should be easier for me to take pics of all my food – not just meals & planned snacks like I do now. Since this was day one I slipped up a bit & have noted where I did not plate/picture my eats. I must break this habit & need to be held accountable here!

I came home to my Barney Butter sample in the mail!!! Sometimes the simplest things make us so happy 🙂 dscn7400

Lunch was a HUGE plate of grapes, carrots and sweet peppers – no, seriously huge.dscn7382

And a sammie with TJ’s ranchero egg white salad.dscn7386

No Pic:Piece of cookie from the break room at work.

dscn7384My afternoon involved Greek yogurt with pumpkin butter and PB Puffins on the side 🙂

When I came home I took a long walk with my mom and the perros – I love that it stays dark later so I can enjoy a walk after work 🙂

Dinner:My mom made fresh organic guacamole and I knew I had to include it in dinner. The guac is extra fresh and extra organic since it’s from a local farm, and by farm I mean my backyard 😉

I made a burrito with beans, guac and salsa w/ leftover brussels dscn7393

and a massive salad 🙂dscn7390

No Pic: A few crackers & a few M&Ms.

I had the craziest day at work and a bunch of other tasks to take care of too! By lunch time I wanted to go home and crawl under the covers 😦 But, things turned around after lunch with a really great phone call. I can’t talk about it now, but I really hope it works out 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I got my Barney Butter in the mail too!!

  2. I will hold you accountable;) Love all the yumy food!

  3. i also got a bb sample and was so excited having never tried it. but i dont know, i guess i really like the old, cheap peanut butter.

  4. Yeah for all the Barney Butter Samples around town!!! Let me know how you guys like it 🙂

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