Cupcake Tease

Happy Monday Morning 🙂

I started the day with 5.8 miles, it was actually pretty slow, but it’s all good.

As I mentioned before I have a lot of things the RD wanted me to work on. This week I am focusing on 2 things…

1. Eat more calories at Breakfast & Lunch – she wants me to shoot for 600 each, but I think today I’m gonna make it around 500 and see how that works for me.

2. Be present with my food. Eat what I want, but put EVERYTHING on a plate & EAT SITTING DOWN – not doing anything else. I already broke this rule this morning when I was making breakfast/packing lunch – I had a handful of grapes and PB Puffins. This is one of my biggest bad habits with food & I don’t even realize how much I do it everyday!

I came to work to discover this little cupcake treat on my desk, but it was left there for me by an anonymous co-worker on Thursday and is no longer good. What a tease! dscn7377


Breakfast was gooey oatmeal topped with melting brown sugar and PB 🙂dscn7374 

I have a lot to do today, so I gotta get going! I’ll be back in a bit though 🙂

If you want to try my Sweet Potato Muffies you can bid on them at Meghann’s Bake Sale today! It’s for a great cause!!!


2 Responses

  1. I 100% understand about your #2 focus! That’s one of my absolute worst problems too. Putting everything on a plate forces me to put together a real snack instead of grazing all day long.

    The Sweet Potato Muffies sound sooo cute/delicious. If only I weren’t flat broke. 😦

  2. i need to taste this

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