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I had my first appt with the R.D. today. I was really excited to finally get some professional advice on my personal situation. I feel like I already know a lot about dieting, nutrition, what to do, what not to do, etc.. But, years of dieting and binging have brought me to a place where I need professional help to be able to achieve a good weight for my body and have a healthy relationship with food.

Today’s appointment was an hour and a half! It was an initial consultation so she spent a lot of time getting to know me, my goals and my issues. I really enjoyed it and already feel like I’ve learned a lot.

Since I did learn so much, I don’t want to write 5,864 words on it just yet. I’m going to be talking about what I’m learning and what I’m working on during the week as I go through it. You guys can watch a long as I try to lose weight, get a healthy relationship with food and experience a new outlook on eating in general. These goals are going to be achieved through intuitive eating, not a diet plan so it’s going to be a learning experience for me & I want to use this blog to document it.

Goals:My personal goal is to lose about 15 pounds & I explained this to R.D. She thinks my goal should be to be healthy and feel good. Yeah, ummm, that’s good too I guess, but I really want to lose weight. This will probably be something we (R.D. and I) push back and forth on.

Lifework: I have 3 tasks to complete right now. I’ll just give you the biggest one for now. The rest will be posted as I work on them this week 🙂

1. Eat a bigger breakfast and lunch. She said, “You are training like an athlete, but eating like a teenager on a diet.” Wow. That was shocking to me. I eat a pretty big breakfast & lunch lately. But, she thinks part of the reason I snack out of control is I may actually be hungry.

Task : Eat 600 calories for breakfast and lunch for 3 days.  That’s kinda scary because if I continue to snack in the afternoon and at night I will be adding a lot of calories to my day! But, I’m willing to try it since what I’m doing right now isn’t working anyways!

I may wait until Monday to complete this task since my weekend eating is sporadic, but I’ll let you know.

Lunch was eaten in the car on the way to the appt. I had this and a big salad (no pic since I was on the freeway).dscn7308

Snack after the appt:dscn7309

Then, I went to Panera because I needed internet & had to get a bagel and cream cheese and a coffee. I actually don’t know why I got coffee, but it was good.dscn7311

Dinner:  dscn7316

This is some of Ben’s food I stole…dscn7314


Dessert 🙂 More than just one square of course – I’m not a saint. dscn7317

I’ve got to get to bed – we have a crazy day planned tomorrow. A run, then a turn around road trip and wedding stuff!


10 Responses

  1. I am really interested in seeing how this will go!
    Best of luck, Monica!

  2. sounds like the RD appointment went well:) I will be looking foward to watching you on your journey! I am reading this book right now that talks about Detoxing not as an end but as a beginning, as a way of life!!! Its helping to think more about eating clean and being healthy, I think you would like it.

    PS Any news on WWRT??

  3. good luch with the rd, it sounds like you are already learning alot! have a fun weekend with wedding stuff, fun fun.

  4. Hi Monica!

    I love your blog. Your honesty is impressive. I also photograph (pretty much) everything I eat and I also have a history of eating issues, which I decided to blog about as well. We have a lot in common!

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. I will be following…

    Best wishes,

  5. I can’t wait to hear more about it. Do you think you want to move more towards a goal of “being healthy and feeling good”? I sometimes wonder if I got rid of my “goal weight” if it would be easier to reach. But it’s so hard to get rid of that number.

  6. I just found your blog. It looks really interesting – I’ll definitely be following. Your RD’s advice is fascinating. I feel like I eat breakfasts and lunches that are probably too small. I’m interested to see how your new experiment goes.

  7. Yeah, I think it would be great to have a goal of “being healthy”, but I am not ready to change my goals yet. I almost feel like it’s giving up…even though it’s probably better for me.

  8. I noticed that this is not the first time you write about the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

  9. R.D. may have a point there. I used to snack a lot more, almost felt driven to do it, and now I hardly bother. I do like big breakfasts/lunch, it’s possible that I at least 600 cals for at least one of those two meals every day.

  10. […] I’ve decided to start from the beginning of Intuitive Eating. When I first discovered the book/RD/lifestyle I was at the height of planning a wedding/shopping for a condo/finding a new job/starting a whole […]

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