Quaker Find & Recap

Sorry I didn’t post again yesterday. Ben called me at 5pm and wanted me to go straight from work all the way to Orange County to check out a condo he really likes. He wanted to jump on it and put in an offer so I had to see it first. It’s an hour or so drive from where I live, so by the time I got there, checked out the condo, ate dinner with him and drove back it was super late. This post is just a recap, no words about the food…

And out of no where – My foot started to hurt yesterday! It’s been fine since after the marathon until now. Boo. It’s the same foot/same area/same pain as before – that tendonitis foot. Like I don’t have enough problems with my toe nails falling off!

New Quaker Find : I was excited to see this product from Quaker I haven’t tried before. They were good, but don’t expect them to taste like Monica’s Guacamole (but what does, right?). I liked them 🙂


Lunch: dscn7292dscn7283


Snack : dscn7297

Sushi for dinner:

Miso Soupdscn7299

Sumi Salad dscn7302

Rolls! dscn7301




2 Responses

  1. Holy cannoli! Those animal crackers are absolutely HILARIOUS. And everything is cuter in mini-size! Where did you buy them??

  2. Those Quaker crackers look interesting. I’ll keep my eyes open for them, but Ohio tends to be the last place to see new products.

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