My apologies and My Last Supper…

Two of my friends actually got mad because they believed Ben & I eloped! Sorry guys! April Fools!

The picture was actually from when we got engaged. I never wanted to post it because I look like a grease ball, but we had least had to record the memory, right? It was a big surprise & I wasn’t exactly ready for my close-up!

Lunch was a random mix of things, including 8 grain cripsdscn7253

open faced grilled cheese and broccolidscn72581

dscn7263Then, I snacked my way through the afternoon…

I don’t know if it’s because I am seeing the RD on Friday and doing my “Last Supper” (this is a phrase from the book) or this is just my usual bad habits, but it’s out of control right now. If I’m trying to allow myself to eat all foods (per Intuitive Eating) it doesn’t make sense, but for some reason I feel like I’m about to start a diet and am super pre-occupied with food right now. 

I took some pics of my eats for accountability, but not all of them. I just don’t want to seem like one of those girls who just complains about her weight, but doesn’t do anything about it. I’m really trying, but I have issues that require more than advice on eating whole foods and stuff like that. I know what to do, I’ve read 20 plus books on healthy eating and dieting, I’ve been on 30 plus diets since high school, I’ve lost the same 20 pounds over and over, but for some reason I keep turning to food to keep my busy & it’s keeping me from losing the weight I want to 😦

I hope that the next time I rant about this topic it will be a positive post on my progress 🙂 I’m off to ready my I.E. book now…

Snacks …dscn72671dscn72641



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  1. You’ll get there, and break this relationship with food. It takes a long time, but I know you can do it. I am struggling with it too. It seems like we are having the same week? Yesterday I got nervous at work and ate a bunch of granola bars and Chex Mix. I was in the eating zone and couldn’t get out of it. I will watch for it today!

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