Dessert daily?

What do you think about having dessert everyday?

I want dessert everyday after dinner. I think this is a bad habit, but I don’t have the willpower to just stop all together. Denying myself dessert only makes me want to eat every dessert in sight. I don’t want to have to eat dessert, but I can’t make a rule against it either. Do you eat dessert every night?

Dinner was wwpasta and sauce mixed with lentils. I always add a bunch of that shelf parmesan to my pasta & pizza. I love that stuff even though most purists think the fresh stuff is best.dscn7224

Broccoli on the sidedscn7225

For dessert I started randomly snacking on almonds, chocolate chips and raisins. I realized I was just going to snack through thousands calories before I knew it, so I stopped and decided on 1 dessert, a VitaTop, and flossed my teeth.dscn7227

Now I am blogging (obviously) and trying to research our honeymoon 🙂

Oh, I actually have responsible things to do, but I just want to have fun!

I need help.

I have made an appointment to meet with a R.D. on Friday. Not just any R.D., but one that specializes in Intuitive Eating. I’m hoping to get some help to stop my need to use food when I’m not hungry & hopefully lose weight. I hate that I feel like I have a date certain date that I have to lose weight by, but it is very important for me to lose some weight by my wedding & honeymoon. I want to feel pretty on my wedding day and I don’t think that is asking too much! But, I cannot seem to stop eating more calories than I need – not conducive to weight loss Monica!



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  1. Every night I try to end dinner with a fruit. It’s an easy way to get another good thing in the toddler and it replaces my otherwise “bad” dessert.

  2. My dessert is usually an apple or some European fake version of jello. I like the apple better though.
    I am quite grateful for the fact that I do not have a sweets craving. I don’t like chocolate much (as weird as that may be to believe)

  3. I cant wait to hear what she tells you! (uh I mean are you going to blog about it? :))

    Im a sweet after dinner person usually (2 mini reeces cups kind of thing) BUT it’s planned into my day.

  4. I gave up sweets for Lent. Before that, I would have a piece of chocolate after dinner almost every night. I felt like I had to end with something sweet as well. I hope that I don’t go back to that habit. A lot of people can get away with it, but I felt out of control some times.

    That’s cool that you are going to talk to an R.D.! I can’t wait to hear about it. Don’t be ashamed of wanting to lose weight for the wedding. It’s very understandable. 🙂

  5. I totally want desert every night. I don’t know what the deal is. Sometimes, when I know I’ve already overloaded during the day, I’ll force myself to brush my teeth for bed as soon as I finish eating supper. Then I won’t eat anything else for the rest of the night, but I want desert every night. -e

  6. I eat dessert every night! I’ve tried to stop but just can’t! It’s something I really enjoy. So I try to plan on having something around so I just don’t go mindless eating every sweet in sight. Right now I have ice cream and have one serving a night( sometimes that’s hard though!!) I also usually keep some good dark chocolate around, that usually satisfies my sweet tooth and I don’t feel so bad eating it!

  7. I have a similar problem i eat dessert every night and it springs me into a snacking fest which is awful and also what is stopping me from losing weight too. Recently I tried not having dessert in the house and just making a yogurt sunday of sorts with whatever i want sprinkled in like cinnamon, agave, and a little cereal or something. I literally just started this, this week though so I can’t tell if it will work for me yet 🙂 But then I’m also thinking about only filling my sweet craving in the afternoon and having nothing after dinner while I’m home, that worked for me back in the day one summer in college when I lost a ton of weight. I don’t know its def hard!

  8. I very rarely eat dessert these days. If I have something in the house, I might eat it, but only if I am in the mood. I have some chocolate vita brownies and organic vanilla chai ice cream in the freezer right now, and I’ve just sort of been eating it when I feel like it. I think I had it twice last week. Usually, I eat dinner pretty late, so that’s the last thing I eat before bed.

    From what I’ve seen of you, it doesn’t appear that you really need to lose any weight. I understand the “comfort” factor though–everyone has their own happy place with their weight and how their clothes fit. I saw an RD for nearly 2 years while being treated for my ED, and I found the things that she taught me to be very beneficial. People ask me for advice in this area all the time, and the only thing I suggest is that in addition to seeing the RD, you should also see a behavioral therapist to teach you some new “tools” regarding eating. Unfortunately, people (women especially) in our society are taught to diet from a very very young age. Rather than learning how to eat a balanced diet, we learn how to restrict foods based on the things which we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat.

    In my opinion, most people who feel like they “shouldn’t” eat something generally want to eat it even more.

    The focus should never outwardly be on caloric intake, but should be more based on eating a healthy, balanced diet. I only hope that you find a good RD who helps you to balance rather than restrict.

    I hope that your appointment goes well tomorrow, let us know your take on things after!

  9. hey girl I am so glad your meeting with an RD, I cant wait to hear how it goes!

  10. Can’t wait to hear all about your RD appointment!
    I’ve never been one to eat dessert after dinner but I don’t see anything worng with snacking at night in moderation.

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