Birthday Bash!

I wanted to do something fun for my friend Adriel’s, birthday. I decided to throw a BASH – literally. I got him a pinata to destroy at work!

We spun him around so much he didn’t even know where it was…dscn7210

Finally, he cheated, took off the blindfold and stabbed it. I didn’t realize he had this violent side…dscn7214


I bought the biggest bag of candy. Everyone got a bunch & I have 1/4 bag of leftovers! Luckily, I’m a chocolate girl all they way so these aren’t too temptingdscn72161, but if these stay in my reach I might break into them.

In comparison to this bash, my lunch is uneventful. Salad with wheatberries and peanut dressing (my fave). dscn7195

Yogurt with PB & cereals.dscn7193


I have also been chewing this sugary gum like a fiend. The flavor only lasts 2 minutes, so I have to keep replacing it with another piece! I’ve seriously had about 15. And then, I looked at the package each gum is 15 calories! I am used to sugar free gum that I can chew all day with no consequences 😦 Boo to this gum.dscn7202


Afternoon snack – I had some banana left from breakfast & quickly decided on a pm snack – ww tortilla wrapped around PB & banana. I heated up for 30 seconds in the micro and it was so good! dscn7218


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