Hummus – the new dressing

It’s still Monday… and I’m still at work. I’m sad when I think about all you east coasters out there that are already home 😦 But, I am barely getting to work when you are all eating lunch!

Lunch : great salad topped with hummus. I love using hummus as dressing, but this one (I found at WF’s yesterday) is a little to thick and grainy to be able to mix well.dscn7170

Barney Butter and Apple Jam sammiedscn7175



I didn’t pack an afternoon snack, but realized I had strawberries and a box of cereal (no pic) that I brought from Ben’s.


I also bought a few of these the other day when they were on sale…dscn71771


See you for dinner 🙂


2 Responses

  1. i grabbed one of these multi-v 10s after my race yesterday and it was AMAZING! nice and sweet and tasty!!! i need to get more!!

  2. we got some of these waters for free at the bike classic!

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