Barney Butter – 4 ways

So, I finally broke down and bought some of the infamous Barney Butter. I had resisted for months now despite the raves around the blog world. Ben wanted to go the Borders and there is a Whole Foods nearby, so I had a lot of time to just walk around and see all the very expensive and delicious goodies I shouldn’t buy. A jar of this stuff is $9.00! That is ridiculous. But, I had to at least try it and see what all the hype is about.

1. First I tried it straight up, out of the jar. Good stuff 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve had any Almond Butter, so it was a nice little surprise to taste it again. dscn71551

2. Then, I put it on a piece of bagel, because bread and (Barney) butter just go together.dscn71621

3. Since I was trying it right after dinner and calling it dessert I added a piece of dark chocolate and melted it in the micro. Amazing. But, what combo of nut butter and chocolate isn’t amazing?


4. This morning I put some BB on my oats. This was a nice, and subtle change from my usual PB.


Final Review –

Pros – I got the crunchy kind and I love the big pieces of almonds in it. It tastes good 🙂 There is no oil on top & no need to stir it. It’s made from California almonds. Again, it does taste good 🙂

Cons – The price! That alone will probably keep me from buying it on a regular basis. Also, I am perfectly happy with my natural PB where the only ingredients are : Peanuts and Salt. Barney Butter has evaporated cane juice and palm fruit oil. I know this is part of what makes it taste so good, but I’m used to plain old PB or almond butter with no added ingredients and would not want to get myself used to added stuff.

I really liked it, but I don’t know if I can put it on regular rotation in my shopping cart. I will definitely be enjoying this jar though!

It doesn’t help that I also bought this at Whole Foods too…these suckers are expensive, but I love them! I was forced to pass by the hot food/salad bar because I allowed myself to buy these things 😦 Boo.


P.S. – I did 5.6 miles this morning and didn’t have time for any repeats. I managed to turn off my alarm and fall back asleep for another 20 minutes.

P.P.S – If you visit the Barney Butter homepage you can request a free sample!!! It’s on the front page, left hand side.

Have a great week!


8 Responses

  1. My goodness $9????
    And I thought Europe was expensive. But then again, the products here are not even half as good as they are in the US

  2. I put off buying BB too because of the price. I got a tub of fresh-ground AB for $7!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the free sample, I definitely requested one and gave your blog credit as to where i found out about it.

  4. You have bb at your whole foods!!!!???? I’m jealous.

  5. PB & choc – amazing!

  6. That is expensive!! But thanks for the free sample info!!

  7. I haven’t ordered any BB for the same reason, but I just signed up for the free sample today…we’ll see if it’s worth an order in the future…

  8. Thanks for posting about the free sample I have been of course wanting to try it because of all the hype but didn’t want to commit to $9 jar just yet.!

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