All the stars aligned…

All the stars aligned this morning and I finally had a great run! I am so happy because I felt very beaten down from a week of bad runs. I guess it happens. I have said in the past that all the stars have to align in order for me to have a good run since I’m not “made” to be a runner. So, I need the perfect weather, rest, fuel, shoes, etc – in order for me to do just okay!

15 great miles today!

Before I left I had one of these english muffins.  People have commented that I don’t eat enough before my runs, but I usually start running within a half an hour of getting up so I’m not hungry yet. And I eat pretty late before going to sleep – which I am working on so I will wake up with hungry instead of going to bed FULL. Trust me, I make up for it later in the day.dscn7022

Here is me when I got back. I wanted to show off my new fuel belt. A review is coming soon!dscn7031

dscn7033It makes me feel like I’m wearing a gun holster.dscn70341

After the run I had yogurt/cereal/naner/other good stuff.dscn7038


My middle toe nail is fading fast here folks 😦 dscn7040This blog has really turned into a creepy freak show where I show you my gross toe nails…Sorry. My pedicure lady actually told me I need to quit running as that’s the only way my toe nails will get better. I guess I’m gonna live with tragic nails, too bad…

I am way late, so I’ll see ya later!

Oh, and I was a guest blogger over at For The Love of Oats today! Check it out 🙂


5 Responses

  1. I love your toenail pick. One of my husband’s big toenails jumped ship, and the other is well on its way!

    Cool new fuel belt! Does it hold 4 bottles?

  2. Random question – are you carrying your phone in a plastic bag? I wonder why! I always just have it in my hand!

  3. I really love your blog and can totally relate with your over eating and weight struggles. BUT- the toe pictures are truly disgusting. Really. I run too and my feet look terrible so I know the pain.

  4. That toe nail is icky! I wouldn’t be surprised if you lose it soon. But think of it as proof that you’re a real runner!

  5. You don’t need to stop running to prevent black toenails…you need a pair of shoes that fit your feet.
    If you keep getting black toenails and/or calluses on your feet and toes, your shoes don’t fit you right.

    You can either get a different pair of running shoes, or try tying your laces in a way that will create more space in the toe box, near the front of the shoe.

    You can look to for tips of how to tie your laces.

    Hope that helps!

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