Thanks to Quaker, I’m a boxer

I went to yoga first thing this morning 🙂 It was the Power Vinyasa Flow class and I had never done it before, so I was a little scared. Luckily, I did okay and enjoyed myself.

Before I left I had a big bowl of oats dscn7133

I received my great robe/slippers/granola bar pack from the great oats company – Quaker. The robe has a hood and it made me feel like a boxer. I wanted to show off the new trail mix granola bar too, but I couldn’t hold it while doing my boxer pose.dscn7147

I had my brother try the new Quaker Simple Harvest Trail Mix bars for a second opinion. He normally doesn’t like things with berries, but he liked it 🙂 dscn6937

dscn69321I think these universally appeal to all audiences since they taste good, aren’t too “fancy” (use common ingredients) and are low enough in cals to be a snack not meal replacement.


Come fly with me…

I was terrified when I first saw the plane we would be flying in to Santa Barbara. It was tiny!  Ben is still studying for his license so the instructor was with us (thank God!). The views were amazing! I know I’m partial, but Southern California is so beautiful – I love it.dscn7105

I had to wear headphones to be able to hear what they were saying. dscn7051

There were no in-flight refreshments, but I brought my own…dscn70751


We got to SB safe and sound and had lunch at the Elephant Bar. dscn7081

I had a great salad…dscn7085

and Pad Thai with tofudscn7086

I couldn’t stay away from Ben’s sweet potato fries!dscn7088


Dessert, this candy plus a bite of chocolate chip cookie 🙂dscn7089


The rest of the day was random eats, nothing worth taking pics of..and I had to have dessert since I have been on the verge of pint diving any second so got the biggest Yogurtland I’ve ever gotten! dscn7125

All the stars aligned…

All the stars aligned this morning and I finally had a great run! I am so happy because I felt very beaten down from a week of bad runs. I guess it happens. I have said in the past that all the stars have to align in order for me to have a good run since I’m not “made” to be a runner. So, I need the perfect weather, rest, fuel, shoes, etc – in order for me to do just okay!

15 great miles today!

Before I left I had one of these english muffins.  People have commented that I don’t eat enough before my runs, but I usually start running within a half an hour of getting up so I’m not hungry yet. And I eat pretty late before going to sleep – which I am working on so I will wake up with hungry instead of going to bed FULL. Trust me, I make up for it later in the day.dscn7022

Here is me when I got back. I wanted to show off my new fuel belt. A review is coming soon!dscn7031

dscn7033It makes me feel like I’m wearing a gun holster.dscn70341

After the run I had yogurt/cereal/naner/other good stuff.dscn7038


My middle toe nail is fading fast here folks 😦 dscn7040This blog has really turned into a creepy freak show where I show you my gross toe nails…Sorry. My pedicure lady actually told me I need to quit running as that’s the only way my toe nails will get better. I guess I’m gonna live with tragic nails, too bad…

I am way late, so I’ll see ya later!

Oh, and I was a guest blogger over at For The Love of Oats today! Check it out 🙂