Dinner and a movie

This is Friday night’s dinner & a movie & dessert…

I threw together thisdscn7007 – Chicken-less strips!


and this with  some TJ”s peanut sauce and spinach…dscn7010

to make this –dscn7013

Plus some CA rolls on the side. dscn7000

Oh, and a cocktail with my squiggly straw, cause I’m classy.


We saw I Love You Man, it was funny 🙂 That’s my review.

I really wanted dessert after, so we walked into WF to find something sweet. My willpower was fighting with me so I walked out empty handed and angry 😦 When Igot home I had a granola bar and some cereal with milk. I should have just gotten a little treat instead of this stuff, since it would have been a lot  more satisfying…dscn7019


5 Responses

  1. oh that dinner looks awesome! and i’m glad you liked the movie, I heard it was hysterical.

    have a great Saturday! xoxo

  2. Love the cocktail with the squiggly straw 🙂

  3. I want to see that movie, I have heard good things!

  4. How are those chicken-less strips? I’ve had Trader Joe’s Chicken-less nuggets and tried them, but not the strips. They look really good – especially the dinner you made!

  5. Kilax – I love those chicken-less nuggets! The strips are good – especially because they’re so versatile.

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