Recipe Test

When I got home my mom once again had delicious looking food on the stove. I took a big bite of a flauta and then realized I needed to make my own dinner instead of munching on this and then still eating my dinner like I often do. 

I started with a plate of crisps and sweet peppers with unpictured guacamole. Oh, and a big piece of baked tofu. I use the firm tofu & bake it myself.dscn6803

The main event was a pita pizza.dscn6805

Then, I went to the store for an ingredient for a secret recipe I was testing. I volunteered for a bake sale and wanted to make something new. I’ll tell you more about these cookies tomorrow. dscn6811

I snacked on strawberries while baking to keep me out of the batter – that only worked okay.dscn6808

 I ate of the final product 3! Maybe baking is not such a good idea right now! This version has chocolate chips, but I also made a batch without…


More on my new cookie recipe later 🙂 Hope you all have a great night. I’m gonna hit the bed for some rest & reading…


In the News :

It’s World Water Week – You can help by participating in the Tap Project. When you go out to eat (at participating restuarants) you can decide to pay $1.00 for your water. That money is donated to UNICEF’s efforts to get everyone access to clean, drinkable water.  Find participating restaurants here.


5 Responses

  1. Those cookies look amazing, excited to see the recipe!

  2. nice post. all the food looks so YUM!

  3. COOKIES!!! It’s always a good time to bake…

  4. I love those mini sweet peppers, I just ran out of them though, I need to make it to Costco soon to get some more!
    Those cookies are making me drool!

  5. I love cookies! It is so hard for me to not eat the dough too!! The pita pizza looks yummy! I will have to try that!!

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