Quaker Contest!

Hola mis amigos! Here is some happy news for a Monday – I’m having a contest to raffle off an “All Natural Gift Bag” from Quaker. The winner will receive an organic/earth friendly robe and slippers and some Quaker Simple Harvest Chewy Granola bars Trail Mix.

To Enter:

1. Please leave a comment on this post with your favorite granola/protein/all natural/other bar.

2. Link back to this post (if you don’t have a blog, just let me know in the comments)

Contest ends Wednesday March 25th at 5pm PST! I will announce the winner Wednesday by 9pm PST. Good luck!


On to my Monday morning – I went to sleep at 9:30pm, but was woken up by the phone around 11pm (someone, who will not be named, was still driving home from Vegas). I woke up at 5:45am – still super tired. I was pretty slow moving to get up, but finally got out the door for an easy 6 miler. My plan called for some sprints at the end, but that was a no-go today.

Breakfast was oats (the usual mix) topped with PB, raisins and granola. And an unpictured handful of cereal and grapes.dscn6763

Now I am guzzling coffee like it’s my job…See you later!


75 Responses

  1. My favorite granola bars are the new Quaker Delight bars with the cranberry and chocolate! YUM!

    Great run as well!

  2. I still love Kashi TLC bars; it’s fun to get two in a pack!! Thanks for the contest.

  3. woo hoo!!! i love Odwalla bars lately! i especially like the Protein version cuz it has 16 grams- sweet!

  4. Hmm…I’m going to be different and mention a childhood favorite, even though it’s completely HFCS-ridden! When I was younger, my mom would by the Tiger’s Milk bars, the chocolate-pb flavor. I wanted to mimic her and so I tried one…I didn’t care for it after 2 bites, so she got mad that I wasted one! Ah, memories… 😀

  5. My favorite new bar would be the white chocolate macademia nut cliff bar…mmmm so good

  6. I think my all time favorite bars are the dark chocolate cherry kashi bars. I tried one of the Quaker delight bars ago that I received as a sample in the mail and it was pretty tasty as well!

  7. I am actually the biggest fan of the Cinnamon Coffee Cake Kashi bars… but then again, I love anything and everything Kashi makes…

  8. I never tried Quaker, we don’t have them where I live. But we have CORNY, which I assume is based on the same concept….chocolate flavour is the best!

  9. my favorites are Clif Bars in Chocolate Chip. i always eat half of one before a race 🙂

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  11. I have really been loving Odwalla bars! I just discovered them a couple weeks ago!

  12. I like those new Quaker True Delight bars in the banana-macadamia nut flavor. They taste just like banana bread!

  13. I LOVE those new quaker bars too! I haven’t been able to find them in the stores, but i got samples and they ROCK!!! I MUST WIN THIS CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Right now, I am addicted the Quaker Simple Harvest oatmeals!

  15. hey! my fav is trail mix kashi!

  16. I like the title of your blog. 🙂 I love KIND Plus Cranberry and Almond with Antioxidants! They have such a great crispy texture and flavor!

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  18. ooh, I love the Zbar blueberry ones, and quaker dark chocolate raspberry ones 🙂

    i’ll post back to you tonight!

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  20. I love your blog and I also love The Quaker Simple Harvest Oatmeal, and would LOVE to win some! Yum.

  21. I guzzled coffee like it was my job this morning too!

    Love this giveaway. I love my homemade chocolate chip protein bars.

  22. I am in love with the Odewalla bars right now!!!!

  23. Gosh I love so many bars…is that bad? Lately YouBars have been my fav because they are peanut butter based and I’m addicted!

  24. Cliff bars

  25. i absolutely adore PUREbars! they’re amazing

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  27. Although they are not the healthiest nor the most filling, I love the Quaker Chewy granola bars. Eating them, especially the oatmeal raisin and cookies ‘n cream flavors, reminds me of my childhood. We’d always eat granola bars on camping trips 🙂

  28. My favorite bars would be PURE bars or Honest Food bars. They are both SUPER yummy!! Awesome giveaway!! I posted a link about it on my blog!!

  29. I love the chocolate chip clif zbars. Yum!

  30. favorite granola bar: Quaker True Delights.. any kind of it! 😀

  31. My favorite bars are Clif bars. Great for fuel before a workout!!

  32. i love z bars!!!! so good and fill you up!

  33. I’m a KIND Bar LOVER 🙂

    Great Oats this morn!!!

    Linked back to you on my blg, Peaceandpeanutbutter.wordpress.com!!!


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  35. I really like Honey Bars by Mariani Fruit. The granola flavor is delicious!

  36. I love Peanut Butter Clif Z Bars. They are so yummy!

    I’m linking back to you on my next post!

  37. great job on the run! sometimes sprints are just not in the cards …

    i love banana nut odwalla bars … but i have to save them for extra-special pre-run occasions 🙂

    i’ll link back later this am!!

  38. I have a complete bar obsession…anything Quaker, Luna, Cliff,….You name it, I love it! If I haaad to choose, I love Brownie Zbars…Carrot Cake Cliff….WCMN Luna/Cliff…

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  40. OMG, I Luuuuuuuuv the new Quaker delight banana/macadamia bar! NUMMERS

  41. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these Quaker gift sets! I’m going to go add the link to my blog right now.

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  43. My favorite bars are the Cliff Z-bars (for kids)…soo good and the perfect portion!

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  45. I’ve got to try these Odwalla bars everyone is raving about!

  46. I just discovered Koka Moka ProBars. The very best meal replacement bars I’ve had.

  47. My fav bars are the Cherry Pie Lara Bars- Delicious! -e

  48. Oh, and I’ve posted about your contest on my blournal too! -e

  49. I love Zoe’s granola, I just ate some cinnamon raisin for a quick snack.

    I just discovered your blog, and it’s been motivating me to go jogging. Thanks!

    Oh, I don’t have a blog 😦

  50. Great blog!

    I love Lara Bars, in all flavors. Cherry Pie and Cinnamon Roll are 2 of my favs.

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  52. Love the classic Luna Bars. White Choco Macadamia is my fave.

  53. My favorite bar is a Blueberry Z-Bar!!! I am linking back to this in my next post 😉

  54. I am currently obsessed with Odwalla bars…YUM!

    (I do not have a blog.)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  55. Thanks so much for the opportuinty. That is a very hard question to answer! I would have to pick..the key lime pie larabar. I don’t have a blog, but would definitely link back if I did!!

  56. Thanks so much for the opportunity! That’s a very hard question to aswer though! I would have to say the Key Lime Pie Larabar. I don’t have a blog, but would definitely link back if I did!!

  57. So sorry for the double post!! I checked, and it didn’t show that it went through, but then it must have.

  58. I am so inspired by you! I am trying to lose weight while training for a marathon too! Thank you for this opportunity; i love all bars! Kashi, KIND, LARABAR, ect. = AMAZING!

  59. Ahh I would love this…thanks for the giveaway!

    My favorite bars are anything Kashi, or Clif, or Natures Path enviro kids if I want just a small snack…I kinda love all bars 🙂

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  61. I’m a fan of pure protein bars…although I try to only have them occasionally. No blog for me but I enjoy yours! thanks!

  62. I love all of the Kashi bars.

  63. I am a collegiate runner, so I rely on granola/protein bars quite frequently for quick, portable fuel. I have tried many many different brands and flavor combinations, but I’d have to say that it’s tough to beat Kashi. Their Honey Almond Flax flavor chewy bar is my bar of choice….and their new pumpkin flavor is also pretty killer!! I don’t have a blog or a website.

  64. ah what an awesome giveaway! and i love your blog.. my favorite bars are probably clif bars =) so good!

    I also linked this giveaway in my post here http://peanutbutterandjennys.blogspot.com/2009/03/just-call-me-bozo-clown.html

    can’t wait to hear the results! have an awesome day girlie ❤ xo

  65. Larabars….YUM!!! I wish they were a bit more filling, but they taste like an all natural cookie and I just cant resist 🙂

  66. This is so hard to choose from. I love the coconut cream pie larabars, and the cinnamon coffee cake kashi bars, and the white chocolate macadamia nut Luna bars. i really want some of the peanut butter flavors of bars to come back though.

    I am going to make myself a note to link back to this post when I write my blog tonight.

    Take care.

  67. I will try to name/suggest one that i like that is not already listed– think organic cashew pecan. 🙂 i don’t have a blog.

  68. My favorite bar, hands down, is the Peanut Butter Cookie LaraBar. I’ve just recently become comfortable (to an extent!) with eating bars over 200 calories and MY OH MY I will NEVER turn back!! =D

    Thanks for this giveaway! I always thank people because I think it’s SUCH a nice thing to do! It adds a little excitement and generosity to an already amazing BlogLand =]

    ❤ Laura.

  69. I think my favorite granola product/quaker is there oatmeal rasin granola bars, I could eat like a whole box 🙂

  70. i love the quaker chocolate/pb granola bars! but am really interested in trying the newer quaker bars.

  71. HOLY CRAP SINCE WHEN ARE YOU BLOGGING AGAIN?!?! Where have I been hiding. Holy Heysus!

    Love the giveaway, but love you being back even moreeee 😀

  72. The Quaker True Delights Bars are Delish!

  73. larabars! my fav is cashew cookie 🙂

  74. Unfortunately here in the UK I cannot get some of the great bars that I have seen other bloggers enjoying but my fave bars from England are Trek bars (especially the mixed berry flavour) made by Natural Balance foods (http://www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk/)

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