Just me, myself and I

I woke myself up early this morning to get out and run. I don’t like to run too late because I never know if it’s going to get hot here. Since Ben is out of town I went to one of my old running paths. It’s about 25 minutes from where I live right now. I did 14 miles and walked to cool down a bit.

Before I left I had a piece of bread with PB.dscn6732

On the way home from my run I saw a strawberry stand. There is a local farm that has the best strawberries & even though they are kinda expensive (for me) they are amazing. I ate a lot on the way home 🙂dscn67371

dscn6739After a shower I had a big smoothie with the works –


protein powder

almond milk


Top with cereal (I added more as I ate) and enjoy!dscn6741

Now I am exhuasted from only getting 6 hours of sleep last night and 6 hours the night before. I am a girl who totally needs a solid 8 each night to function. I am going to give myself a sleeping challenge – 8 hours of sleep each night for the next 30 days! I know I will feel like a powerhouse if I do it!

Now I am off to look for centerpiece ideas for the wedding…


5 Responses

  1. You are such a tough runner! I wish I was like that!
    I was reading your posts about eating all the cereals. I was very much the same, I could eat the whole thing! We have Cini Minnies here in Europe and they are my achilles. But if you can help it, DON’T buy this stuff! If you know you are going to eat and you cannot control yourself, its going to be SO hard when its in front of you!

  2. AMAZING huge strawberries!!! I can’t believe how much you can run…its amazing to me.

  3. just found your blog. love.

    and how do you make it through
    fourteen miles with just that wee
    piece of bread with peanut butter!?

    those strawberries..totally divine.

  4. Sometimes during the summer, I will eat a whole conatiner of strawberries. And not feel guilty at all. I can’t wait! And we found a Farmer’s Market to try this year.

  5. I totally eat whole containers of strawberries and watermelons in 2 days! If I’m gonna feel guilty about something it better be full of chocolate not fruit!

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